Daytime UFO filmed over Surrey, Canada


This bright unidentified flying object was seen and recorded over Canadian city of Surrey back in 2016, but the footage was just released recently.

Witness report: Watched object travelling opposite way of wind direction,quite windy also noticed 2 other objects traveling at high speed

I was watching my daughters soccer game and at half time I was watching a airplane go over head when I noticed the object so I pointed it out to my girlfriend and asked her what she thought it was,she had no idea so I started recording it on my phone , the wind was blowing quite fast and I knew it was not a balloon because it was traveling into the wind didn’t think much of it till a few days ago when I was showing the video to another person when he noticed another object traveling very fast through the field lights and when I showed that to my girlfriend she noticed another one going extremely fast at the top of the screen near the beginning of the video have no idea what these are but everyone was quite interested eventually I lost the object in the distance

Author (source: MUFON)

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