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Triangle UFO Discovered In Apollo 17 NASA Photo

October 6, 2015 // 1 Comment

A strange image from NASA photo discovered by an online UFO researcher has made rounds online. It was taken by Apollo 17 43 years ago, which was the final manned mission to the moon. According to the online UFO site Disclose.tv, the 1972 image from the lunar surface seems to […]

Strange lights over Moab, Utah

August 19, 2015 // 3 Comments

Here’s one interesting footage of a bright lights in the sky above Moab, a city in Grand County, in eastern Utah. These two photos ware taken on 1st August 2015. Witness report: Didn’t notice until reviewing pictures. Camping in goblin valley and was taking pictures of the lightning in the […]

Watch: A Portal To Other Dimension

July 8, 2015 // 4 Comments

An image of a strange object taken above the Netherlands has sparked portal to another dimension theory. Dutch snapper Harry Perton was snapping pictures of stormy night skies over Groningen when a flash appeared as he snapped the shutter. Many believe it could be a wormhole. Wormholes are thought to […]

UFO over Mexico’s Airport

June 30, 2015 // 3 Comments

Here’s one interesting report from TercerMilenio about this strange egg-shaped UFO hovering in the sky above the airport in Mexico. This happened on 13th March 2015.

Loch Ness Sighting: Mystery Craft Hovering Above Scottish Tourist Spot

June 12, 2015 // 5 Comments

Unidentified Flying Object sightings keep on coming amidst debates and arguments over its nature and existence. While there are believers, there are also thousands of non-believers. Therefore, all sightings receive extreme comments. Recently, a family on a vacation has admitted seeing two strange disc-shaped objects hovering in their camera over […]

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