New daytime UFO footage from Greece

Latest UFO sightings – Two strange objects crossing the sky, footage recorded in Greece on Monday, 22nd March 2010.

Here is some great UFO footage I caught on film as I was filming chemtrails around the sun. At the time I was actually zooming into a chemtrail very close to the sun. When I had a close look at the video, I noticed I had captured something interesting.
Author (SkyIGR100 @ youtube)
LUS 2010 – Most recent UFO sighting reports and evidences. Australia ovni, ozn, nlo, nlp, nln secret files and aliens Greys document conspiracy.
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  1. I have recorded video like this before on my mobile, I record the sky at lunchtimes through my sunroof evry time a bird flies over i say bird to avoid mistaking them when i playback on my pc, many time 2 birds fly across the feild of view and it lokks exactly like this sorry.

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