Two linked UFOs over Vermont, US

Latest UFO sightings – Two linked UFOs (third light blinks only few times at 0:10 seconds near left object) recorded in Waitsfield, Vermont this Saturday, 20th March 2010 around 9 pm.
Click on the picture to enlarge and see the 3rd light.

I was driving my daugter’s friend home around 9pm Sat March 20,2010. I got out of my car and saw three large lights above the tree tops coming toward me…I yelled to my daughter to look. I couldn’t make sense of what I was seeing…they looked like helicoptor lights when they are low and coming toward you but these were in a horizontal line,moving at the same speed and there was NO sound what so ever. I thought they were going to go over me but then they veered to the left and started to move away behind the clouds. One disappeared all together by the time I got my camera…I videod the other two. I have seen this type of thing twice before but never so close or clear..I wish I had gotten them when they were closer but I was a bit scared at that point.
I am attaching the video I took..please excuse the profanities I was freaked.
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  1. I saw something similar in Burlington around 8:00pm. Low flying aircraft heading towards the airport silently while simultaneously flashing lights across the middle.

  2. my brother saw something last night in Nefane Vermont over the mountain…. big ship type thing with blue lights, the ones in the back making a triangle it was flying away from something then my brother saw a normal plane of ours chasing it… really creepy weird!!! that night we had weird stuff going on in our house, my sister in law said she woke up to something typing on her keyboard!

  3. Approximately 15 years ago a friend and I was on the Weathersfield Center Road in Weathersfield, driving towards Springfield when I saw a very large triangular shaped craft at tree top level in a field next to my vehicle. It was traveling at the speed a man would walk fast. I stopped my car just before the road to Wellwood Orchard. It was about tree top level, and I estimate to be at least 100

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