Unknown object hovering over Ontario, Canada

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown lights were recorded on 8th January 2010 over Newmarket – Ontario, Canada.

Witness report: This is footage of a UFO hovering over some houses in Newmarket Ontario; my family and I watched it fly into place and hover there for over an hour. Blinking lights can clearly been seen on this low hovering craft.
I recorded this on January 8, 2010-I pulled over when my son noticed it and we watched it for over an hour; the ridiculous thing is that nobody else noticed it?? People are programmed in most cases (I find) to dismiss anything that doesn’t fit into their belief system, no matter how obvious. This thing was very low, and though you can’t tell from the video, it was big. I can film any night where I live, they’re all over the place-people here walk right by them and never even see in most cases?
Author (newparadigm @ youtube)

New UFO footage reported from North America.

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  1. last year i saw a red light in the sky in newmarket that first looked like a helicopter but all the sudden it made a very fast upwards U turn and went back the way it came and up

  2. i had seen something like this 3 nights ago march 13th 2010 it moved across the sky , i thought it was a helicopter or plane at first but it made no sound and the spotlight on it was starlike not a circle, i live in the london ontario area

  3. hello i truly believe we are not alone . the earth is only one planet.i think we should not be affraid .i think people over react about aliens and ufos. if they are going to visit us we should remain very calm .

  4. the other night I was driving south to work to the city of Aurora making a right on Bathurst street just after the highway and on my left side I look up to the sky and seen 3 lights 2 where white and one was green couldn't be an airplane because it wasn't moving that fast about 80 klm like what I was doing and it was moving straight and then out of no where it starts going another

  5. Saw a ufo march 19 2014 in newmarket Ontario. First time I have ever seen one. Dont be afraid. If they wanted to do harm or damage it would have been done already

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