Strange object was seen and photographed over Austell in Georgia 23-Oct-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This UFO photo was taken in Austell, Georgia on Sunday, 23rd October 2010 around 9 pm.
Witness report: My husband snapped this pic of a UFO he and his friend saw while driving home from work on I-20 around 9:00pm Sat 10/23/10. You can see the interstate sign and tail lights from other cars at the bottom of the pic, so it obviously was not very high up, thus making it extremely clear. He said it appeared cigar-shaped with 4 bright lights, low-flying, slow-moving, no wings. As he tried to get another pic, boom! It just disappeared! You would expect a balloon, helicopter, airplane, etc to gradually fade off into the distance, but this just vanished! May not have been extraterrestrial, but sure was unexplainable.
Author: Kristen T.
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  1. I saw something similar to this driving home from Dublin, GA. The lights were almost flaming, it was right above tree level and was at a 45 degree angle. I've seen it in March & August of 2011.

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