Two new UFO videos filmed in Moscow, Russia Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Two new interesting videos of UFO activity over Moscow in Russia. Both of them were recorded in November 2010 (15th & 26th).

UFO video #1: Monday, 15th November 2010 at 7:45 pm:
UFO video #2: Friday, 26th November 2010 at 0:53 am:

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  1. Very strange,great videos!<br /><br /> Nice to see video that is not of obvious Chinese lanterns,star or planet distorted by max zoom.

  2. Thanks Texas for posting the blue light solved link.<br /> I do a lot of sky watching near an air force base were I have seen a lot of interesting air craft over the years.I saw an object yesterday in the clear blue sky that caught the light of the sun and made what looked like a very bright round edge reflection.It appeared to be at a fairly high altitude.It was as if a jet had made a turn and

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