UFOs were seen and recorded over New York City 24-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightingsUFO video recorded in New York City (NYC) on Wednesday, 24th November 2010 around 7 pm.

Witness report: at 4:00 min gets really interesting..!!!
I was about to leave the city to cross into queens when i was told to look up to the sky, at first i thought it was a helicopter but then i realized it was something else..see in the video by yourself…WAKE TO THE TRUTH..WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE..THIS IS BASIC KNOWLEDGE THAT HUMANS FROM CHILDHOOD SHOULD LEARN IN KINDERGARDEN, OUR STAR FAMILIES ARE HERE..NOW…goverments and religions finally need to get out of the way and let humanity grow and evolve as galactic citizens of this universe that is filled and abundant with life…
Author (mayanstar88 @ youtube)

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  1. I&#39;ve been seeing it for about a week or saw and this morning there was a ??chemtrail/ rocket trail/ ground to sky ending just to the side of it. The ODDEST thing is, it was still a SOLID trail a hour &amp; a half later! I got a pic of it. Don&#39;t know how to post it yet.<br />Collogeville, Pennsylvania

  2. Doesn&#39;t everybody have a camera phone by now? Is it that everyone filming UFO&#39;s are a wee bit drunk? Or is it that all of the GOOD footage is prematurely pulled from the Internet?<br /><br />Whatever the case, let&#39;s all now, collectively, agree that, if the footage you have makes you nauseous AS you&#39;re watching it, please, for the sake of all of our moments of free time, and our

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