Possible sighting of triangle UFO over Western Australia 22-Dec-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This footage of triangle-shaped object was recorded today (Wednesday, 22nd December 2010) in Rockingham, Western Australia.

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  1. C&#39;mon!You cannot be serious. Listen to his reaction, I&#39;ve never heard a bigger pisstake in all my life! <br /><br />That was telegraphed with candles in a dark room or something similar. Not to mention the &quot;ohh this is so going on Australian Phenomena&quot;.<br /><br />Please.

  2. You may believe what you want Keep and open mind that's all any way I brought Infered Sonyhandy cam so you can see my outside roof next time so its not pitch black and a capture card to put the tape on the tv Ill show u whats real I will blow your mind to the possibilities

  3. Check out the rest of our video&#39;s Pfft candles some people are so stupid whats the next excuse? its raining Saucers? I&#39;m just saying take into Consideration other people&#39;s feelings and check the bloody youtube out we are partners I wasn&#39;t using my infered camera on that video cause it broke! Bloody get ur facts right first before you write stupid shit!

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