UFO: Paranormal phenomena caught on tape in Honduras 2010/2011

This video was submitted to me today and I’ve decided to post it here. I don’t have a lot of info about it, only that it was recorded in Honduras by some TV station, supposedly in the end of 2010 or early this month – 2011.
If someone have any more information about this footage, please leave a comment!

Description from the video: Watch how fast this alien vessel (small orb like the ones you see creating crop circles except this one has a cilinder shape) goes so fast you can’t see it… The editor of the program Televisa discovered while working on this particular video… Later you will see it in slow motion…

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  1. I want to believe it because it would be cool, but whats bothering me is the weird smoke?Or cloud thing , it looks fake to me and the object seems to resemble the smoke,so unless there is a really good explanation i am going to have to say….Fake! thanks a lot guys.

  2. what the hell kinda fastwalker was that? you know, our bodies could never withstand the extreme manuevers there fore itsposssible in theory that theirbodies and able to move quick, in a particular species.maybe the orbs light energy is a pproduct if their bodies retained energy. my guess it would contain radioactive properties harmful to us.

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