New video of UFO activity over Dunedin in New Zealand 13-14 March 2011

UFO video 2011 – New footage of UFO activity recorded two nights in a row over Dunedin in New Zealand, Sunday 13 March and Monday 14th March 2011.

More info in the video!

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  1. I saw this exact type of UFO back in the mid 1970's near Chicago. There were also many at once and would hover in the same spot for hours before suddenly disappearing.

  2. I live in Dunedin and saw the same object around the 14th at about 9 o'clock,i saw it through 10×50 binoculars,was very short time maybe 30 seconds but i first picked it up with the naked eye north east of Dunedin and had time to go inside and get the binoculars,the object went behind cloud when i lost site of it,i watch planes in the area all the time and new straight away it wasn't a

  3. Saw a similar object over Christchurch 8.55pm Saturday 26 March 2011 moving from West to East direction, quite low in the sky. Saw for about three minutes then it disappeared suddenly. Definitely wasn't a satellite (moving faster) or plane, (no blinking lights).

  4. My wife and I saw something very very similar to this last night in Hamilton at 6.30 ish just before dark. Very much closer than what this appears here at about small plane fly height. Moved very slowly no noise from light which appeared orange and then drifted away towards morrinsville. At 9.30 we saw a orange flash very low flash over the top of our place going north. It was foggy/cloudy so

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