Unknown lights in the sky over over Los Angeles, California – 2011

Latest UFO sightings – This UFO footage of unknown lights hovering in the sky were recorded from freeway near Los Angeles in California recently (in 2011).

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  1. Either this is a reflection on the window through which he was filming or it is the worst photoshop job I&#39;ve ever seen.<br /><br />Garbage!

  2. I&#39;ve seen several UFO&#39;s and they do the same thing. If you haven&#39;t ever seen one, that&#39;s your loss. People who talk smack about people who&#39;ve seen them need their asses kicked.<br />Ken<br />CrazyKens.com

  3. Listen and watch as the camera pans right to track the &quot;UFO&#39;s&quot; trajectory:<br /><br />1. The guy operating the camera says &quot;I saw it go, like, over there!&quot; before the &quot;UFO&quot; accelerates away at speed. <br /><br />2. The &quot;UFO&quot; changes velocity to stay in frame of the camera.<br /><br />This is a really bad fake! SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!<br /><br />(My first

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