Tube-like UFO sighted all over Laredo, Texas 21-Oct-2011

UFO sightings – This cigar-shaped object was filmed over Laredo, Texas on Friday, 21st October 2011.
“If it is a UFO, it’s one of the strangest ones people have ever seen. At least, to those calling into our newsroom this afternoon.

Check this flying object in the skies over Laredo early this afternoon. It appears to be a long black cylinder, or tube, in flight. Some even describe it as silver in color at times. Viewers believe it’s about the size of a small plane, but clearly tube shaped. Again, like in other recent sightings some people believe it’s a drone. Whatever it was, it caught the attention of lots of people in north Laredo.”

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  1. The way the "tube" in question seams to "float" and the way that it is slightly "bending" at least at two occasions in this video tells me that this "UFO" might just be a row of attached balloons together.

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