UFO activity filmed over North Carolina 4-Jan-2012

UFO 2012 – This footage of unknown bright objects was recorded in the night sky over southeastern North Carolina on Wednesday, 4th January 2012.
Witness report: quick video footage of not so uncommon weird shit in the skies above southeastern North Carolina….. during the last 10 seconds of the video, you will see what has now become the infamous “triangle” UFO…. Nothing new around here though. UFO(s) and other strange things are frequent around here…. almost on a nightly basis.
Author (BreezyFoSheezy2010 @ youtube)

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  1. Considering the number of military bases in NC, I think it's a drone. I bet most of these so-called UFO's are drones.

  2. Oh yes naturally it looks like a UFO <br />People please go away and when your ready to come up with a real ufo video come back then.<br />Stop waseting people time by sending man made crap

    • i saw the same thing last night. it just doesnt show up on the video. It is round orange balls that just float there but they arent coming from anything. It was next to the highway and my whole family saw it..it isnt man made

    • That&#39;s just like I saw over the ocean Jan 1st 2013. Its not easy to capture the things and do them justice. you are sitting there with zoom lenses and fancy equipment when it happens. It surprises you and its usually your cell phone video at 5-8 megs. best you have to try and get them on video. I&#39;ve lived on the NC coast for 4 yrs. and never saw them until Dec. 2012. The 21st to be exact.

    • I Live ocean front in Kure/Carolina Beach. 1st time I saw a bright orange lighted object going across the horizon about a foot above from my perspective, I called my boyfriend to come outside to see it. Then coming from the left which would&#39;ve been fort fisher area, another one came across, it was more brightist red in color, no noise, just slowly moving, hovering, move slightly down dimming

    • I should add that during the times I saw the strange objects over the ocean, I was in the process of moving. So since I have moved to Myrtle Beach. I am on the intercoastal waterway. I went out last night and looked at the sky. It was as quiet and normal as ever. No flashing lights, no floating objects, nothing. But what I didn&#39;t say in the last Blog was while still oceanfront seeing these

  3. Once you witness the UFO phenomenon yourself, you will be an appreciating visitor to this site, like me. I&#39;ve witnessed sightings, I live in Chicago and all of my UFO sightings have taken place starting from 4:20 AM until 5:00 AM. I used to work night shifts so when I came back home I just stared at the sky at about that time, and the results were shocking, I used to look out the window,

    • In 97 me and my girlfriend saw one of those orange colored things that looked like two bowl stacked(top to top)on each other.When it came over the tree line about a quarter a mile away from us it came to a sudden stop so I slammed on the brakes in amazement.My girlfriend was screaming what is that what is that!I&#39;m like how the fuck am I suppose to know?Well it sat there for I would say maybe

    • I think the timing is weird too. I never saw one until 8pm at earliest. 10 pm – midnight was active, then I probably fell asleep. I was telling my son. And he normally would had said, MOM your CRAZY ! But this time , a funny look came on his face and he said you know… I was going to work the other morning and it was about 5 am. He works on Bald Head Island doing landscaping… He said he was

    • I&#39;ve never seen one during the day. I wondered why. It&#39;s always at night between 8pm and midnight. My son saw one at 5 am . They look like nothing I&#39;ve ever seen like a saucer or whatever. it looked like a neon jellyfish with tenacles hanging down to be honest. That&#39;s the best way I can describe it. Only some are bright Orange and some are bright red. The red ones are bigger, or

  4. I also wanted to believe ufos existed but never thought I&#39;d ever see one in my lifetime until my girlfriend/now fiance and I saw 2 of them when we were sitting on Coogee beach (Sydney) on 28 or 29 July last year.<br /><br />It was dusk when we were just looking up at the stars coming out and watching the planes come in. We were watching one plane come in when we saw two white objects (just

  5. Was wondering why i saw a huge ball of light being chased by no fewer than 8 military craft in direct and grid pattern over western NC on feb 6th around dusk? Watched for 5 minutes and the ball vanished. No commercial planes fly within the radius of the ball and planes combined,was it military testing? It was between 20 to 30 thousand feet because some of our craft left no sky trail. Anything

  6. I have seen 3 orange balls hovering in pisgah forest a few years back. they moved independently of each other and were silent. they moved around in random flight patterns for three hours plus. it was NOT man made and it was NOT swamp gas.

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