Triangle UFO over Middleburg, Florida 16-Jan-2012

UFO videos – This possible footage of triangle-shaped craft was filmed over Middleburg in Florida on Monday, 16th January 2012.
Witness report: Saw this UFO on 01/16/2012 in Middleburg, south of Jacksonville. The UFO had three orange lights in a triangle. I’m not sure what it could be, but if anyone has any ideas please let me know.
It was high in the sky so the tree line is not seen in the video, but the moon is visible in the top right corner during the first few seconds. My cell phone camera only lets me record short videos. I’ll post the other ones soon.
Author (HUSHYOASS @ youtube)

28th February 2012 Update:

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  1. My boyfriend and I saw a UFO hovering over Hwy. 90 in Ohio at 1am this morning. Let me tell you this thing wasn't of earth, and I'd be the last person to say it. Other details I noticed it rotated in a clockwise direction above tree and building, not only that I don't know if the people in the oncoming lane realized it was directly above them.

  2. Six years ago around this time I saw a similar sighting of a triangular shaped UFO in Tampa Florida but the lights were white not red.

    • On Labor day of 2013, around 4:00 am. I was outside my house when I saw what was a triangular shaped craft about 40 feet in length, and had 3 dim white colored circular type lights at each of the three corners. The dimness of the circle type lighting was similar to when you turn off box screen TVs after they've been on for sometime, but the screen still illuminates a dimness of white. It was

  3. I saw a white ball of light travel in the sky above Orlando and then disappear into the clouds. That happened this morning at about 12:20am, parallel to John young Pkwy northbound.

  4. middleburg ufo is a hoax! lol you can clearly tell thats there balloons & moveing in the direction of the coldfront that brought us bad weather the day befor lol nice try

  5. I think I saw this same UFO around 5am while driving SR16 in St. Johns County. It was far away when I saw it, but I remember the orange lights and thought it was strange that they didn't flash.

  6. Their are UFO's in Middleburg Florida i seen a couple,i live in middleburg off of county road 218,an that video is real real i seen it my self but in a different location,on the same month date an year,

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