Triangle UFO seen and recorded over Southeast Michigan – 2012

UFO videos – This footage of triangle-shaped formation was allegedly recorded in 2012 in Southeast Michigan.
Witness report: Proof that they’re out there. This is a large scout ship that I caught on my Yukon Night Vision 5×42 digital (Infrared) camera. I believe this is just one of the many scout watcher crafts that are part of the ET’s that exist on the dark side of the moon. The 10 mile long mothership is situated there.
Author (jcattera @ youtube)

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  1. Dear video owner, allow me to give u my comment and point of view, im not an expert , but that doesnt need experts to see that this shape or three lights forming a triangle is not a big spaceship.<br />when i was watching ur video which is amazing by the way, i thought that when this triangle shaped lights will pass a star they will hide it!!! but instead i could still see the stars in between

    • Spartan, I came to the same conclusion. It was not one solid ship, but three separate vehicles. That beng said, they had no flashing lights (anti-collision) which are standard on ALL commercial or military aircraft.

  2. I am not familiar with any 3 satellites that orbit together.Perhaps someone will enlighten us to this possibility.<br />One invisible craft or 3 it is still a good catch.If aliens come here I would guess they would observe us from duck blinds and stealth ships.IR light could be a problem to totally eliminate.<br />Thanks for uploading this video.

  3. I have seen similar lights and behavior, most notable to me is the small vibration that the &quot;light&quot; seems to have before it fades out. I observed this &quot;vibration&quot; in the lights during a sighting of a similar ufo. When I saw the lights join together in formation there was a slight vibration and then the light stuck in the formation. Any one else notice this?

  4. Nice video! It looks as though it is three orb ufos flying in triangular formation because one can see the stars through the object if it was a solid one. Any ideas?

  5. This looks like it could be a coincidence of three satellites in tragle formation passing through the penumdra of sunlight into earth&#39;s shadow.

  6. Brilliant footage, well done. It must have been a OMG moment for you spotting it, its absolutely huge. I have a yukon ranger just need a dvr so I can record whatever is out there. Hope I get a mothership too!

  7. If you look closely it is actually 3 separate craft. Looks like military helicopters flying in formation. When they faded out they just turned off the flying lights. The other craft looks like a jet. At the start of the video you can see the IR strobes.

  8. As the so-called craft passed in front of the stars behind it, wouldn&#39;t those stars be black-out? You can still see the stars?

  9. we have equipment to photografe the universe , why can we get a close up of this so called lights in the sky? elien? i think the goverment use this military flights to keep the pubblic buzy with elien so we dont ask toomeny questions howe they run the country,<br />wake up and smell the coffee democracy its like religions do what i tell you! dont do wath i do.<br />good luck and god bless.

  10. First, this video was first posted 10/11/09. Second, the stars go right through the middle of this &quot;triangle&quot;. Unless it&#39;s invisible, it&#39;s most likely 3 separate planes flying in formation.

  11. The fuselage is either transparent, non-existent, or not a complete point to point triangle. Stars are visible &#39;through&#39; the space between the three points. Odd though, whatever it is or however it&#39;s shaped.

  12. I am tired and exhausted to see this Triangle Ufos during the night in the sky of South America and Australasia. I mean, almost every night I see triangle crossing the skies.

  13. If we are seeing stealth invisibility ,then the 3 lights are not visible when viewed without the IR camera.Therefor the craft is totally invisible to the naked eye and no stars would be blocked out by the body of the craft.<br /><br />The IR camera is detecting only 3 points of IR light on the craft so the stars still show through the craft.If we are actually seeing stealth invisibility what is

  14. u know i luv tri formations!!! great vid – from what ive seen 90% of the tri form videos that wer good enuff to tell the difference you can see stars threw these formations wich would indicate 3 individual objects(scout ships)-wen they hover they can do sum tricky manuvers or change formation, they hold a tight formation in motion in this vid that dosnt change much factoring in perspective,speed

  15. Great Video ! As pointed out the stars can be seen as the objects pass them confirming it is not a solid object or could it have cloaking capability making it transparent ? The classic Triangle formation Orbs do they relay data like we use GPS to triangulate a position on earth. And like humans could they be probes evaluating earth and relaying data back to another location?

  16. The leading light pulls ahead of the others,this is probably three,not one craft.Nice UAP video just the same.<br /><br />I live near an air force base and I spend a lot of time watching planes.Last summer I saw a bright light just as if a high flying jet had turned and caught the afternoon sun.Thing is there was nothing visible in the sky before or after.<br /><br />Recently I saw a fast silent

  17. What you witnessed was not a UFO but rather three satellites from the NOSS (Naval Ocean Survelliance System) program. You can read about the satellites by Googling NOSS. the satellites are often visible and not uncommon in the formation you filmed. Good video though, just not a UFO.

  18. It wasn&#39;t one large triangular object, it was three objects. If you watch it pass over stars behind the three points, no stars move. Even if there was a cloaking device, you&#39;d still see a tiny bit of distortion when a large object passes between two objects (us and the stars).

  19. aai dont believe this was on craft since as it went through the night sky the stars in the background were still visible in the middle of the triangle.

  20. Im glad to see that people are paying attention about the stars not being blocked….dont get me wrong…I want to Believe….just need better proof than 3 helios flying in formation….seen this type of video WAY to many times

  21. That IS 3 Different objects. I have Personally seen a UFO up close, and at the time (August 2001) I did not have a Camera with me. I saw the Saucer-Type UFO about 100 Feet away. (Long Story-BUT TRUE.) It was SO BRITELY LIT UP through the Windows that we could hardly look into the Windows that Surrounded the Craft. Like Looking Into the Sun. But while Looking Away from the Windows…I could

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