UFO flying over Peru 21-Jan-2012

Latest UFO sightings – Strange object was seen and recorded flying and hovering in the night sky over Peru. This was taken on Saturday, 21st January 2012.

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  1. Okay so right away I said "airplane". The strobing light was all too familiar. However as it goes behind the trees it almost looks like it lands or at least hovers…then rises up and heads in the opposite direction, no longer looking like an airplane but a disc shaped object. I'm not too impressed by most of the ufo videos one here but this one definitely has me stumped.

  2. Wow some of you are really picky,so there is a bar,at least it is not a video of another Chinese lantern.Interesting UAP no sound from it apparently.Not looking quite like normal airplane or helicopter lights.

  3. The Aliens are real and they have a human semblance because our distant Ancestors were galactic explorers. Just like them. The contact with them is very close.

  4. Interesting? Compelling argument for either side, real phenomenon or regular earthly event. I can not get past the navigation lights of what seems to be a search and rescue helicopter or police helicopter. Has the government that knows nothing about UFOS (sarcasm)suddenly requested visitors from other worlds equip their flying ships with navigation lights because our skies have become too crowded

  5. SO? I have now been to the site on YOUTube. UFOKanali has inverted the image to show more detail. There is no more detail beyond what you see here at LUS. Conclusion is; puzzling, just can not get beyond the earthly navigation lights.

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