Flying saucer filmed over Wales, UK? 3-Jan-2012

UFO videos – Report about a flying saucer which was seen and recorded over Wales in United Kingdom on 3rd January 2012 around 3 am.
Witness report: Just to be clear here. This is NOT a hoax , but a genuine sighting that cannot truly be explained at the moment. The lights appear to be located either above the Crest Woods , in front of Crest Woods or just behind and above Crest Woods. This was filmed around 3 am. and lasted longer than 6 minutes. The witnesses are utterly reliable as they are not UFO fanatics. I admit that I am a bit of a UFO hunter. What makes this credible is the evidence of the boys. 3.00 am UK time on 3rd January 2012. Good film and good witnesses to an unexplained event.
Author (peterglynnfilms @ youtube)

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  1. Hiya,congrats on capturing this unusual object on the video. As always shakey hands, but most everybody has the shakes when trying to be still. But you got something there.I'm across the river at Severn Beach and have seen orbs come over here but not since the 90's.Keep up the good work and most of all this will help to keep people aware and their minds open.( hopefully eh?)****Ron.

  2. Convincing, the boys seal this for me. Todays youth is naturally synical yet open minded. If there was anyway to disprove what they saw; I think they would have been the first to say, swamp gas, weather baloon, helicopter. The strangest thing is why is this not on the news, or any of the other places on the internet? Could it be that these boys have actually recorded the real deal?<br />Oh? And

  3. If the photographers had of gone out to the site using their specialized camera&#39;s, more than likely they would have been able to reveal this low flying craft for what it was. Maybe that&#39;s the reason for the refusal to go out to the site, another opportunity for exposure of truth to the objects in the sky. Oh well, keep your cameras out and continue to video what you can..great footage.

  4. Why is it theat every UFO video, literally every one has the shakes? Clearly the answer is the aliens only target those individuals who cannot hold a camera steady–that is proof enough for me that aliens do exist.

  5. hi, my name is natalie, i seen the exact same thing around a month ago, me and my 14 yr old daughter, it was in betws in ammanford south wales, i have never believed in ufo&#39;s or anything like tht, when i seen tht, it shocked the hell out of me, there was no mistaking it for anything else, it dont seem real tht i seen it, but i knew exactly wht i saw, good video guys, when i tell people wht i

  6. my mother in law saw a revolving circular ufo with blinking lights in hull-uk last scared her quite a bit. like most people she never reported it and only mentioned it to close family members..

  7. You Must Be prettyy excited! I know I was when I seen my first UFO!!! Watch the skies many more are coming and watch this site to. Start checking things out and you will find that there are many that have been abducted by UFO&#39;s and that is a trip to research. Have fun Boys the world is an amazing place to be right now!<br />Hugs<br />Joy In Ottawa

  8. in 1985 while fishing over cardiff forshore in the early hours on a october night me an two freinds saw a orange orb rise out ov the see… conditions were good , clear with a full moon out..explain that,,, i cant…

  9. I watched the video of the kids in silent mode applying recognised techniques to establish whether they are telling the truth or not… sorry to say they were telling a story. As for the footage – it could be anything!

  10. I applied recognised techniques for establishment of fiction also. These guys do not appear to making this up, watching without audio to establish is also a very stupid idea, because then you have no idea of their surroundings whilst they voice their recount. Extremely interesting

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