Fast UFO flying over Hurst, Texas 26-Feb-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This fast unknown object was recorded in the sky above Hurst in Texas on Sunday, 26th February 2012 at 9:21 pm.

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    • yes, the footage isnt great, looks like a bird to me or even a bit of space junk falling through space and into our atmosphere. it is moving pretty quick though so tells me its in our atmosphere, it is by definition a UFO because it hasnt been identified! we can clearly see it on the video!! interesting.

  1. whatever that thing is it is moving at an incredibly high rate of speed – it kind of fizzles out twards the end wich either makes me think meteor on a wide trajectory or an object in orbit that looses its angle of sunlight reflection(not saying it isnt et)- ther is ALOT of stuff floating in space esp around somthing like the mass of our planet – i was torchering my girlfriend last night making

  2. I was relocated to this planet with many other people in 1980. I am surprised at how people born here are so blind to the truth about religion and the known universe.

  3. We had something strange happen to us several nights ago we were driving back to Fort Worth Texas from Arizona we stopped in Carrizozo outside Roswell to stay at a motel for the night the door blew open twice that night at 4;30 am I was overcome with fear I felt there was something walking in the bed

  4. Man that thing is moving at a pace whatever it the above poster, did you lock the door after it blew open the first time? for the feeling something walking on the bed…..that's creepy …

    • a object flying or moving at speed like that seems like it is in our atmosphere, there doesnt seem to be much control with it though, like its dropping out the sky, maybe its crashed somewhere and the government has recovered it. maybe a bit of space junk or returning satellite. I wish governments would be more open to this kind of thing and tell us!

  5. Late July outside Eugene, OR around 10pm 2011. A couple friends sitting under the stars by the lake, object traveling as fast as this one but UNBELIEVABLY INCREDIBLY bright and much much bigger (closer?). Two of us were seated so as to see it fly south to north and it brought us to our feet. All we could say was WTF and OMG, what IS that??? Too fast to get camera from tent!!!

  6. i live @ the san antonio area , and i have seen similar things in the sky flying the exact same way. Iv seen where a light will just appear and go from very dim to a good glow like your nighvision camera caught.

  7. That day was my birthday, i was in south fort worth (76123) and i say what seemed like a comet or shooting stat fly east i think and it looked just like that

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