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Palermo, Italy – 12/02/2012 00:35
[direct translate from Italian language] I spotted a red ball was going at high speed, horizontally over Boccadifalco military airport west of Palermo. This object at some point it disappeared into thin air.
I managed to call my girlfriend and she could not explain the phenomenon, but I have not had time to activate the phone’s camera.
The object was spotted in the sky of Baida, Palermo neighborhood site at 250 meters above sea level, and went from west to east, until it disappeared into thin air.
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Chichester, West Sussex, England – 11.02.12 11:30am
I was driving my car when i spotted a flying silver finnish object in Chichester, England on saturday 11th of febuary around 11:30 in the morning.
It did hover over the trees and from the side looked like it was a rectangle shape, i was watching this for about 5 seconds as this object dissapear into the trees, and did look like it landed there. It was definitely not any military plane, and also no one would able to land there! Home base store is not far behind the trees i really hope someone else saw this!
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Leland-Wilmington NC – 2-11-12
i have seen this one ufo for awhile now there are two and in diffrent colors and shapes,i know alot about man made air crafts but these are not and its feaking my family out.i dont know what to do about this this is really strange and so visable to the eye…
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Fresno, California – 2/10/12
5:15am 2/10/12 sony camcorder trv-103 on night vision about 15 times. clear calm cool night. silent very high object heading south from north is this a satellite ?
Youtube video link:
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Mason City, Iowa – 2/10/12 8:15 8:30
As I was driving my car by the overpass I seen a Strange light it was really cold my first thought it was a plane there’s an Airport about 8 miles away.
This object looked like a bright light like a gold color not to bright but bright,The reason it couldn’t of been a plane is that it was too low to even be flying about 500 feet maybe or a little higher.I looked closer to see if there was a Helicopter but no noise were heard.I stopped at the store too see if it was still moving it stopped maybe it was slowing down.Then I thought maybe it’s a Chinese latern which I seen one last year on Independence day,This was very different from a lantern this object was moving horizontaly in the sky.I told my dad and he called the local news station no call back though.There have sightings in my town before and other towns.
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Manila, Philippines – Feb 9 2012 8:15pm
At the rooftop with a clear view of the night sky, then suddenly saw a strange object…
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Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada – February 8, 2012 – approx. 10:15 PM
I work evening shift in a nursing home in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, and as soon as it’s 10:00 PM I usually run outside and catch the bus which usually passes by at the waiting shed at exactly 10:00 PM. That day, though, there were only two of us waiting for the bus, a guy named Christopher and myself. The 10:00 bus may have passed already so we waited for the 10:15 bus. As it was very cold outside, we were inside the waiting shed. As soon as we see the bus passing, we got out of the waiting shed to prepare to board the bus. As soon as we got out, I saw some thing in the sky directly in front of us. It then made a diagonal movement, not in a straight line like an airplane towards my side. The bus has already stopped in front of us and I was the first one to board, but I kept looking up to see what it really was. It was triangular in shape, but not very solid, like velvety black, with lights beneath it. It definitely wasn’t an airplane, and even the guy I was with in the waiting shed at that time remarked – “What was that? It was flying so close.” Then I immediately entered the bus because the bus driver was looking at me whether I will go inside the bus or not. I do not have the exact words to dsescribe what I saw, but it was triangular and it had lights. It had no sound. Two days later I saw the guy again in the bus stop and I asked if he ever made sense of what we saw, and he said “he doesn’t remember.” I just wanted to confirm with him what I saw but I guess now I’m the only one who could attest to that experience.
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North Pekin, Bartonville , Bellevue , Peoria IL – 02/08/12 5:42PM
I was on the interstate and noticed a glowing triangle in the sky.
Was all one color . Several military planes were flying around it.
It was shooting up and down , back and forth, even did what looked like a flip. Then would randomly disapare then came back.
Made a call on my cell phone and suddenly loss power in it, then my car started to lose power and then I seen the UFO again. Then power suddenly came back.
Then pulled in a gas station to take a picture and my phone shut off and wouldn’t power back up until the thing shot off again.
People were talking about it in the station.
Called my parents and they turned the police scanner on and there was talk of it.
Several area residents home and phone services went down randomly . I found out later that the power was out for several hours.
Also other people seen the same thing a few hours north of me in at 4:00 and 4:42 and 5:00 .
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over lake Michigan west of Muskegon – Wed Feb 8 10:15 pm
Orange circular object hovered above water approximately 25 mi out from shore then flickered, and another not as bright appeared to its right flickering once every 5 seconds. I grabbed my binocs and pushed them against my glass window to get a steady view although it was far from view, i could make out what appeared to be two white wings angled down towards the water at about 22 degrees. Startled i woke my wife to have a look from the upstairs window w/ binocs and she immediately had the same ” no way” reaction. I then ran back down stairs and fixed the binocs against the window again and the second object disappeared. Looking back at the first object it then had what looked like a wet misting sheet hanging from its right wing? Weird! but it was very interesting. It was not a boat or an airplane. The mast on that boat would athat distance been waaay to tall, and it hovered like no airplane or hellicopter. I heard of these great lakes lights, i guess i’ve seen them now!! And im buying a telescope!
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Jocotenango, Guatemala – Feb. 8, 2012 between 7:15 -7:45pm
Location: From my office window at 2nd level, in the village of Jocotenango, dept of Sacatepequez, facing the volcano the Agua. The bright flikering light appeared to be over the village of Santa Maria de Jesus on the east side of the volcano, very far away.
An unusual bright white light with intermitent color flashes captured my attention while I was at my computer desk yesterday night. First I tought it was a star, but it was a little bigger than most of the stars and the flickering colors did not make sense to me. Then I tought it was a plane but the flashes of colors where unusual for a plane.
Without lenses, I could see flashes in red, blue and green. This is why it kept my attention, as I was asking myself why is this emiting color flashes?
As it seemed to be pretty far I took my binocular to look at it. With the binocular, I could see a circle made of flashing dots with what seemed to be a bright white center. The way the lights were flashing some times made me think that it might be 2 circles of lights one on top of the other, having the white bright light in the middle of them. Then the circle of lights started to be broken, like if some lights were shutting off power,(I tought that it was an object in trouble) so the circle became a half moon for a while and then it became smaller, like some kind of crochet or a ‘t’ and a little while later it was like a small straight bar and then the small bar dropped about half of its size and then I lost its sighting for something like a minute.
I took off my binocular while I was thinking that I just saw something weird and kept looking at the sky; it came back about in the same area as before, I first saw a small dot coming from the dark so I took my binocular again and saw the full circle of lights, as if it finally regain its power. While looking at it, it seemed to me, from my peripheric view, that I was seeing something coming toward the observed object.
All that time, the thing was pretty much staying in the same spot, I can’t say if it was moving as it seemed to have an eratic flight, but I tought that the movement was coming from me as I was breathing and I could not hold my binocular still. Then I saw it moving on the other side of the volcano, between the Agua and the Fuego. By the time that the observed object reached the other side of the mountain, the incoming one was reaching the east side of the volcano. The 1st one disappeared again and then came back again as if it was moving back and forth and finally, both disappeared. I can’t say if they got closer to each other, because I forgot about that detail as my mind was reviewing constantly what I had seen at the beginning.
During that time, the sky was very dark as there was no moon and not much clouds. Once the things were gone, I was observing other regular stars to see how they looked through my binocular and confirm or infirm my thoughts,I saw the moon coming over the top of one of the mountain, through the clouds, on the east side of the village. Later in the evening, there was clouds all over the area where I am living.
I wrote this on your site mainly to remember it and because it is fresh to my mind and I still have lots of details. I hope that someone else have reported seing something unusual in this area. I do not have any pictures of this, because my camera is not good enough to take pictures at night and it was too far; remember that I needed the binocular to see the flashing dots ring or rings.
I also want to mention that I am not specifically a UFO fan but I would never be affirmative on wether it does or does not exist but kept an open mind about the subject.
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Marana/Tucson, Arizona – 2-8-2012 2045
I’m really freaked out over this. We were sitting in our back yard when I loooked to the east and saw a group of bright orange lights traveling from the south east to the north west. I jumped up and moved to a better vantage point, she followed. She had the presence of mind to get her phone. There was 15 to 20 of them they were moving too fast and directly for balloons. 1 to the front then a large cluster, then they were strung out in pairs, with one bringing up the rear. They made no noise at all. I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps and this was no military formation. As they traveled to the north west they faded and then we could no longer see them.

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Whidbey Island Washington – feb, 7th 2012 1:45 am
Feb 7th 2012 1:52 am got up could not sleep and looked out window to see two blinking ufos far apart from eachother
moving slow torwards the west in Oak Harbor Washington , seen them until 2:05 then they were to far way to see
in Oak Harbor Washington.
Feb 7th 2012 3:20am I Been playing flight sim game got up to take break one out side agian to west ,
far away this time, might go try to look around .It is now 3:33 am it looks like is blinking more,
red , yellow ,white ,blue colors .looks like cluster of blinking lights ,cam batt dead !
Feb 7th 2012 3:45am looked away from window for a min and ufo is gone again!
Feb 7th 2012 4;15am looked out widnow again small plane flying from north flew around were ufos were until 4:45am
then left area going south. looked to be small slow flying plane with normal lights.
Feb 7th 2012 5:15am see two planes flying fron north to south , both look like there looking for something ,
flying slow.
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Patrington, East Yorkshire/Humber, England – 7/2/12 @ 6pm
I was driving down a clear, unlit country road just outside of Patrington in East Yorkshire near Hull, with two friends. As the full moon was in front of us we saw 3 orange lights, quite close to each other, in the sky. One of us pointed it out asking ‘what’s that in the sky?’. I jokingly say its a UFO presuming it was 3 Chinese lanterns in the distance or a low flying aircraft. The 3 light were perfectly still, although it was hard to tell whilst driving (now very slowly)down an unlit country road. All of a sudden the 3 lights individually, at different times faded out. We all felt very confused still looking at the same area of sky when they reappeared in completely different places, floating in 3 pairs spread out in the sky. I pulled over so we could get some footage but by the time we got out of the car the 6 lights had now faded.
I’m not much of a sceptic but I usually have to see something to believe it and I know what we saw couldn’t have been explained as ‘normal’ aircraft or constellations of any sort.
I wasn’t that late on in the day and it wasn’t completely in the middle of nowhere so there must have been someone else who saw it besides my friends and I.
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Oosterwolde, Netherland – 07-02-2012 01.41
looked at first like shooting star, than went up with halve a spiral back up in the sky. i coold see 4 back lights 2 bright ones in the middle an left and right softer lights. dissapeared to the NW
Made no sound and was very fast
G. Tillema
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Morganton, NC – feb. 6th dusk
Happened to look up and no fewer than 8 planes were chasing in direct and gridiron pattern a huge ball of light, as it looked to me. the planes heading direct were maybe a mile from whatever, but were chasing it for sure, the other 5 planes were awkwardly doing a grid pattern because all their sky trails looked like a checkerboard! The ball and i would guess 3 higher planes left no sky trails whatsoever!!! Our craft were very clear due to dusk and the sunlight, but what was the ball shaped thing they were chasing? The ball just went straight up and the planes kept flying a grid. Was it military testing or what?
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Ovni en San Joaquín, Querétaro, México – 5 de Febrero de 2012
[direct translate from Spanish] Hi all, I want to share that on February 5, 2012 my family and I were coming from the Sierra de Querétaro (San Joaquin) self taken pictures from the camera phone with my wife, until it downloaded the photos on the computer we realized this object (clearly seen to be the same) that appears in several places (we seem to still) from the first place where there appeared to the last 60 kms. apart in different directions making it stranger still, unfortunately, the all were taken with the cell was set at a resolution of 800×600 but still can see the object,

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near Palm Springs, Ca. – 05/02/2012
this evening just after the Super Bowl left the air near 7:10PM as I was gazing out my picture window I saw what appeared to be a large orange/brick red object ascending from about the north/west from my location. At first I thought it was an airliner leaving out of LAX, which is a common sight in the location during the daylight hours (con trails), but quickly understood it was too late for it to be anything low in the atmosphere. I called my wife to come look at the “space station” as it disappeared from my view near the top of a sunshade. She went outside and I decided to also go outside. In the few seconds it took for me to go to the door, the object had changed direction and was quickly disappearing over the southwestern horizon. It was in view about 30 or 40 seconds at most. It most certainly made a 90 degree turn, was at least above 100K feet or traveling at extreme speed or both.
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Walnut Creek, CA – 02/05/2012 8:00 PM
Right after the Superbowl i saw one bright orange light on the northern sky above Walnut Creek in the direction of Pleasant Hill. The light seem to be at a lower altitude than the clouds but it gave the impression that it leaves our atmosphere as it started getting dim until disappeared. After couple minutes a similar light appeared on the sky a little to the right of the original light and it followed the same pattern. I was together with couple of friends when we saw these first two strange lights. In about 3 to 5 minute after those first two lights, while we were still discussing about what we saw, we noticed in the same general area 3 new bright orange lights on the sky. At this moment some neighbors noticed that too and we started talking about what could it be. these 3 lights were visible for about 4 minutes and they also followed the same pattern as the first two lights – they slowly dimmed down looking only like some dots until we were not able to distinguish them any more. We were not able to record anything as we were not prepared with cameras or stuff like that. I think one of the friends tried and was able to get something with his phone but i am not sure. In any case it seemed that the lights were still the whole time and barely moving, but again we didn’t have a point to use as reference to see if those lights were moving or not. I am curious though if other people saw what i just described, in the same area. It seemed like somebody saw the last three lights, too. Would love to find a logical explanation to that phenomenon.
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Abbotsford, BC, Canada – 5-Feb-2012
Time of event: 11 PM -11.35 PM
Duration of event: unknoun
My Location: Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Location of sighting: East of Abbotsford, approximately over Promontory or Cascade Mountains, 45°- 50° up into sky. 70° North to South,
Distance between the main object and me: 38 or more kilometres
Objects number: 2
Objects transcription: 2 orbs-star like, brighter, pulsating green, white and red lights
Object’s activities: hovering, moving very slowly West-South, the main orb was there around 15 min when I nave notice the second orb, coming from North-East. The second had different pulsating time (pattern), was moving faster but was hard to see, and was smaller. Take a look of the second video! I did not see any contact, between them, but I lost interest and went to bed, when the smaller one disappeared of my sight.
Pictures: Yes
Youtube video link:
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Plumstead, PA – 4 FEB 2012 8:55 P.M.
My wife and I were driving south on Rt. 413. While leaving the intersection at the Pipersville Inn, I saw a curving line of orange lights in the distance, high, but directly over Rt. 413. There were 7 to 10 lights in a curving pattern. Because the road was turning to the left, I asked my wife to keep watching them until I could find a good place to stop. She reported that the lights were moving relative to each other, and that they were combining and separating. For the next 3-4 minutes, she watched them continuously. They combined to 4, then to 2, then 1 and gone. We turned right on Point Pleasant Road, because that was the first road past the point at which the objects were perpendicular to our southward travel on Rt. 413 (Durham Road). We saw no more lights.
Upon returning home, I called the police departments in Plumsteadville, Dublin, Doylestown and state police in Dublin to see if there were any reports of ufo’s around 9 o’clock; they all said no. I then Google’d up “recent ufo sightings in PA” and found this website. Not being a ufo-watcher, I was surprised to see that the lights we saw were exactly like those shown near Allentown. I learned that the activity we observed was “morphing” and that the shape was “orbs.”
Here’s the configuration I observed on initial sighting:
* *
This pattern was horizontal, not vertical as I have depicted it
I was a Navy pilot for 20+ years, and I watch the skies regularly every night as I walk the dog. I’m very familiar with aircraft lights, and the various approach patterns around southern Bucks County. These lights were unlike any I have ever seen before.
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NE Oklahoma – 1/24/2012 02:15
Was out star gazing and looking for possible glimpse of aurora when some clouds starting moving in from the north and muddied any possible view north. So Orion looked so nice in the western sky I set the camera for time exposure to get a pic of the night sky with Orion and Sirius off to the east of Orion’s belt. There were quite a few meteors/fireballs this morning that were really long tracking. So I took a few photos and the clouds continued to roll in so I call the star gazing off for the morning.
I did not see this loop/hook around Sirius until I was back at my computer reviewing the nights pics. I’ve embedded and enlargement of the looper around Sirius for a better look. I’ve never seen anything that changed direction and cover that much sky with a 1.3 sec exposure.
What do you think. I’ve ruled out camera movements as the other stars would have all had the same movement in the same frame. This could not be a meteor or plane as they don’t have the speed and directional change capabilities as this pic captured. Interesting.
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Barranquilla, Colombia – JAN 14 2012
An object similar to a bright star was observed by more than 20 persons at about 18:30 hours local time.
Object has not navigation lights like a plane or helicopter. It was moving west to east at a high speed. Looked like a bright blue star. Object didn’t left any tail like an asteroid or comet.
Barraquilla is a coastal city in north Colombia.
Many observers supposed that it was ISS passing by. I’m not sure ISS orbit goes over North Colombia.
No one of us had time to take a picture, because it was moving so fast that desapeared in the clear sky after aprox 20 seconds of sight. It just vanished before reach horizon.
We have no clouds at this time of the year and many stars are visible even if city lights are on.
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Matlock, UK – 26,6.2011 1.43pm
Taken on a day out but didnt see this till the photos was uploaded to the pc.

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Olde Forte Village Shopping Center MD,20744 – July 1980 the time was between 12 to 2pm
I will never forget this…My Mother and I were walking from the
parking lot towards a store and my Mother stopped another shopper
while pointing upwards asking “What is that?” which is when I looked up and saw a large round circle about that size of a large swimming pool…It was just below the clouds. It was on fire and almost resembled the sun, but you could look directly at it while squinting, you could see a flameing ring completely around the circle. The woman responded “I don’t know” and walked away, that’s when I looked behind me towards the right to locate the Sun much higher in the sky because it was so much like it but the strangest thing happened once my Mother proceeded into the store pulling my hands to follow her…as we entered the store I was still looking back and the people moving around outside the building were moving in slow motion which I found extremely strange. It wasn’t until much later that I heard of simular stories of fire rings that were possible ufo’s that I realized it’s exactly what my Mother and I saw, that’s when I became a believer. I only wished we had stood there long enough to figure it out.
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  1. Brantford, Ontario. The exact same colors and same thing happend today in the night sky, It also happend last week..Something is going on and something big seems like it'll happen. I wonder what they want because this object comes back to the same spot once a week coming closer to earth. Today it decided to move or i don't even kno what it did..but it was messed up.It was a bright light

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