Photos of UFO activity over Greeneville, Tennessee

UFO photos – These photographs of unidentified flying objects were recently taken in Greenville, Tennessee.
Witness report: 
Sighting location: Greene county Tennessee facing blue ridge mt’s.
Date: 8:45-9:15 p.m. est.Oct-2011-feb 2012
I have hundreds of pictures of all kinds,shapes,colors and formations. It sounds crazy and you probably won’t believe anyone has that much.Trust me..I do! Others have been seeing the activity and we actually formed a ‘Sky Watchers’ group with about 18 people. Not all have cameras but the ones who do are all getting the same stuff.I’ve gotten as much as 100 in a night.The first images are what you see in peoples videos of white tiny lights flashing around. I have my Nikon D300 camera set on a vibration controlled tripod and use a shutter release cord.I take ‘still shots’ so I can then take those tiny flashing white lights and enlarge them on the back of my camera. I have very bright colored discs and balls and long streaks and more…I have them in movement and some caught in still mode.I have caught some in a series of movements so is like a video because I took a picture every two seconds.
Author: Pauline
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  1. i believe you becuase i seen one in feb. 2012 along with my brother it was a big bright light that seems to make circles a round the moon then took off towards the east we live in dandridge tenn.

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