Tr-3b caught on tape over Oregon? 6-Feb-2012

UFO videos – This triangle-shaped object (possible Tr-3b) was recorded in the night sky above Oregon on Monday, 6th February 2012.
Witness report: Although this video is not as smooth a filming sequence as compared to past videos because of the excitement, nonetheless this UFO flyover is exceptional after weeks of few displays. There was heavy cloud cover tonight but in one location above there was a wide gap of open clear sky. I was about to continue on to the normal sighting spot but took another few seconds to peer in the opening and that’s when the object moved into view. The gear was quickly unpacked and the cam was powered up as the object came overhead. It moves left to right and appears to slow in speed before moving out of view.
Author (whotookmymojo @ youtube)

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  1. Maybe this is something, but this Posters other videos have Flashlight signaling"By Him",at the start and end of many Videos. One has a Motorhome in the dark that he cuts away from and very Humum looking People on the ground if you look carefully. All videos are brief and stop when most would just be starting and keep Rolling. Very suspicious Videos in past.Tals you into them.I hear a

  2. i love these tr-3bs,and this one def has the look- i wish ther was a refrence point at one point in the vid you can see what looks to be a star pass threw the frame and from wat i could tell this object wasnt going insainly fast – im always hoping to see a ufo showing off pulling unearthly manuvers – its been a while since the gov released any top secret stuff-i think the chances that sum of my

  3. i was recently in sayulita mx and saw the exact same @#$% in night sky i had no camera. half of me is good with this seems there are alot more of the same around the planet ????

  4. Look at his "Alien" Watching TV Video. Seems more like looking through the Neighbors window accross the way. If your 200 ffeet away in some of his videos, do you talk, signal with a Flashlight before and after starting to film or are you quiet? Just when the supposed UFO is getting good right in front of you, he STOPS filming. I belive and have seen many, but some of these Aliens sure

  5. Just one example now that you're asking Youtube people for help. your Video "Subtle but warming-up (part1)", at 1:25 into the supposed Video, I and anyone with a set of eyes can see a Motorhome or Two,with very bright Headlights, possibly towing a Trailer with lights, moving from right to left, and you quickly cut away from the MOST distinct object in the Video, instantly.WHY??

  6. I clicked REAL above, because it is a real something…..of man made origin.<br />UFOs do not have red flashing navigation lights that pulse the same as any you see on any earthly aircraft.<br />For sure this is real, just not other worldly.

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