UFO recorded over Pass Christian, Mississippi 12-Feb-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This unknown object was seen and recorded in the sky above Pass Christian in Mississippi on 12th February 2012.
Witness report: This was taken after we had seen what look like a craft that look like it was landing inland somehwre we tried to stop the car intime to get it has it seem to hover and slowly move towards the grown then it blink out well when we did get the car stop we got this one doing the same thing over the gulf it sat there for 3 r 4 mins before i started filming it we also check to see if there was any air craft fly at that time and that low there was none so check it out let us know what u think
Author (UFOParanormalRadio @ youtube)

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  1. This is a plane far off in the distance. It's bright lites can only be seen when pointed at you. It disapeared becaus it banked to it's right.

  2. This is definetly not a plane guys. Seriously watch the video over. Aircraft as we know it does not shift shape as this one does in the beginning of rhe video. Nice catch đŸ˜‰

  3. I agree that this is a UFO it flits up and down too much. The lights seem to be going around in a circle but the film is to blurred to actually tell.

  4. This resembles (closely) the recent Tuscaloosa Al. UFO. Initially I thought it was a Plane, As you can clearly see what appears to be the lights of the plane, but it seemed to hover to long to be a plane… very odd…

  5. Why take the Camera off it when it supposedly is going into the Water?? No-one I know would miss that shot in a Million year's since the only one I remember off the Coast of Spain was deemed to be a stunt for a Movie? Smells Fishey to me…

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