Flying saucer caught in tape over Himalayas 25-Mar-2012

UFO videos – This interesting daytime footage of some kind of flying saucer was recorded from a plane over Himalaya Mountains on Sunday, 25th March 2012.

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  1. Real Flying Saucer!Real film footage?[hopefully]Real observation contact with the jet. Real proof. (This looked circular.I believe the U.S. has something similar which is unmanned, but this is not it.)This does NOT pose as a threat to our airspace[in my eyes]. I would like this shown in the religious "AWAKE" magazine, or any religious material, as far as that goes. THEY ARE HERE! GET

  2. Ok I see that so far 38 people say its fake but no one makes a comment as to why its fake! I like it because if its fake its a very good fake. The view out the window is realistic, the way the craft acts coincide with reports from other sitings. This could be the smoking gun we need for disclosure but you guys call it fake.

    • I understand. If this was the 70&#39;s we would all be creaming our pants over this footage. Unfortunately in this digital world we live in you cant really trust any footage 100%. I wish all airliners had multiple external cameras like the space shuttle. Can you imagine the Japan airlines incident with multiple external cams?<br />Thats my 2 cents worth.

  3. I cant see anything Fake about this – Tell me how they did it then if u think u know ? looks real to me – even the way the camera pans with the craft

    • Watch out! Certain people here will start screaming &#39;NON BELIEVER&#39; &#39;BURN THE WITCH&#39; <br />Just saying.<br />Looks fake to me.

  4. I am a believer but i feel this is fake. Why? Its basically the lighting and the aircraft wing. The wing looks like its cut out from any modern flight simulator and the lighting on the wing does not match what it would look like in that setting. Its too dark and the light does not look real. The ufo movement looks nice though, kinda floating and sliding like one would imagine.

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