Kukulkan pyramid light beam: Has the mystery been solved?

[direct translate from Spanish] In 2010, Third Millennium brought out the photo that Hector Siliezar took during his vacation in Chichen Itza. Photo of the pyramid of Kukulkan on July 24, 2009. Now in 2012, with people aware of the Mayan prophecies, this picture has been around the world. There are people who have tried to explain it, however, experts working with Third Millennium colleague, researcher Whitley Strieber, have conducted a deep research and have found the true origin of this ray. Here the research and theories.

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  1. This is a very clear and interesting photo. maybe the beam of light is descending from an unseen object above the pyramid.Thanks for posting this photo.

  2. There is no depth to the light. It looks flat. No one else saw it? Surely there was someone else there! They should have taken a video… Definitely FAKE.

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