Huge spherical objects taking the energy from the Sun?

[direct translate from Spanish] On March 11, 2012, the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) captured an enormous object near the sun. This object approaches the sun and then slowly begins to take strands of energy, like it was feeding on Sun.

In this second part of the story about a huge objects that are apparently taking the energy from the Sun, here is the explanation of NASA. Alex Young says it is a common phenomenon caused by solar flares. The images of the explanation and images of the object does not appear to match or be very similar. So that this event remains a mystery.

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  1. If this isn't a fraud, then what the hell is going on with that?! That thing is massive and has the capacity to withstand tremendous heat radiation unlike anything we could imagine. There seems to be alot of activity with these unexplained UFOs; I can't help but suspect that something very serious is fast approaching humanity and Mother Earth. Only time will tell.

    • I agree. Something is going on and I need to know. Besides I'm quite terrified of what could be coming to earth. For all we know this could be very serious and it needs to be shown to everyone on earth. I'm just saying. There could be a possibility that we're not alone. Not to sound religious but only god knows what else is out there and what else could be happening. Including as we

  2. -ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ- ЭЄ is anyone remember?,. gods are coming,we called them with mythodea to ''save us'' from evil powers.. Nasa knows better what happens up there, so payed 6.000.000 dollars please,. for an absolutely call of the gods with a song that plays all over mars.why? Me too i think that something is coming and i dont know if it would be alien species,or ''gods''

  3. I've personally seen a ship as large as the moon appear and dissapear in a brief 15 minutes window. These crafts and entities are capable of sheer "magic" by our technological understanding. A lot of people humanize aliens and think they are "a lot like us, and fly around in metal disks", that viewpoint couldn't be further from the truth. They do not fly about space in

    • In the very first part of Genesis, God tells Adam not to eat of a certain fruit or he will &quot;surely die&quot;. The serpent says to Adam &quot;eat and be smart like God&quot;<br />Who lied, who told the truth?

    • Sorry, man – you can&#39;t just believe Yahoo or whatever other MSM (Mainstream Media) that comes out with a debunking explanation. Media is owned by The Powers That Be (Illuminati/Cabal) and they are deeply invested in our (public) ignorance. Yahoo said it was a &quot;Solar Filament&quot;, but when I did an image search, there was NOTHING that looked even remotely close to the image caught by

    • I agree,the goverment has always had there own hidden agenda,they will not broadcast this to the world for fear of global panic.they can only control us by keeping us in the dark about the serious things on this planet!(consider planet X!!!)

  4. Im absolutely sick of you Bastards keeping the truth from us Who do you think you are what right do you think you have to keep the human race from learning the truth I really hope it bites you on the ass one day…. I trust aliens more than use how pathetic use are to thing we cant read between the lines of complete coverup bullshit….Colino

    • You go m8, i agree with you, all suposed free world nations are keeping there ppl in the dark. I for 1 am not fooled buy the bullsht they try to tell us…

  5. maybe its a simple phenomenon,or some kind of intresting monitoring,mmm.anyway,..i think earth is flat,and is the center of the universe. everything go around us, cause we know everything,. we like war than peace,and we love middle ages cause we dont have to discover any bullshit more. Thats evolution, close your doors and burn the witches. the sun will always be there,and i have my life,so nasa

  6. Do any of you people actually read what you write before you hit &#39;publish&#39;?? You may want to consider it (unless you like looking like a retard).

  7. the video is probably real&lt; I didn&#39;t see it! Yes, they have fantastic technology, and Yes, we might not be alone. And Yes, people with power are acting like an animal! However, before you start calling them GODS and trusting them just think about all those millions got abducted and done crap on and then brought back most of the time, not all! Well the bright light is deception, Believe

  8. Maybe this explains a little of our &quot;Global Warming&quot; problem, others stealing our resources, should make us more worried about the resources we have, as maybe in this enormous universe there really are not many left.

  9. Whatever it was, it wasn&#39;t interested in us. And if something like that does take an interest in Earth, there&#39;s not a flaming thing we can do about it. Don&#39;t bother worrying about something you can do absolutely nothing about.

  10. This could be the plant X that they &quot;say&quot; is on its way in our solarsystem,its said to be masive and have it&#39;s own gravitational pull that is really powerful.

  11. I&#39;m really not scared at all but rather excited at the prospect of ordinary people (ie: non-governmental who are already in the know and have been lying for years about UFO&#39;s and alient contact)making contact…I tihnk all will be fine and it will change our world for the better..It will put things like religion and wars into perspective. I truly believe that the much forecast &#39;&#39;

  12. Sounds to me the object is saving earth from huge solar storm effects and impact. Maybe UFO is helping us this round and if we continue to ignore, we may face great disaster in the next solar storm

  13. Sounds to me the UFO is saving us from huge solar storm impact. If we continue to ignore the warning, we may face great disaster in the next solar storm effects.

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