Cigar-shaped UFO filmed over Ohmenhausen, Germany 24-Mar-2012

Latest UFO sightings – Huge cylindrical UFO was seen and recorded in the sky above Ohmenhausen in Germany. Recorded on Saturday, 24th March 2012.
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  1. i dont know whats more intresting to me – visitors from out of this world or german gangster rap music well at least now i have proof that one of them exists lol- all jokes aside the object hes recording is pretty intresting it dose kind of have a balloon like motion to it but i cant confirm that yet – matt_bpd

  2. in my appears that some spherical structure is flying.<br />but it is clear from video the movement of object is irregular which is not possible in such speed therefore it is a natural phenomenon or some artifact due to aggregation in sky is appearing as of UFO.

  3. Sorry, DJ Kinder-Kraut, but this is clearly &quot;some FAKE ass shit, BOYYY!&quot; Kids + soundtrack = wannabe viral video. Next time leave the i-pod off, you might fool someone.

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