Triangle UFO hovering above Oregon – April 2012

Latest UFO sightings – These two videos were recorded in the same location in Oregon on 3rd and 4th April 2012.
Witness report: 3rd April: A great flyover & incredible close-up of a triangle UFO. The object moves silently left to right almost overhead as it passes by. There are similar characteristics as in some of the other flyovers. The central blinking light pulsates and also turns pink at one point. The object appeared from behind some scattered clouds and then I start filming. It was also following a similar flightpath. Sorry that the Sony HI8-cam is on its last leg and there are some high pitch tones associated as a result also a few dropped frames during edit.

4th April: Amazingly a return visit. This time with a slightly different light configuration. Part way through the video, additional spheres illuminate to the front of the object. My apologies for the additional noise you hear in the video, the cam is in need of service/repair.
Author (whotookmymojo @ youtube)

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  1. it doesnt seems as if were being given a choice in the entire thing i would say its a direct threat to us and our planet great footage

  2. these are not e.t craft.They are multidimensional entities whose manifestations have been apparent throughout mankinds history.formerly named as gods,angels,demons,phantom airships,jinn,spirits,elementals-the list goes on.The ability to take on any form and appear-disapear at will is often ignored by those that propose the e.t hypothesis.These phantasm like beings like nothing more than confusing

    • I'm a pilot , this is not a plane or helicoptor, the blinking light will be a white strobe , a red and green light is united states air force .

  3. It's not in anyway a threat. If these other advanced civilizations meant harm it would have been done by now. They are far superior to us. In order for a civilization to get to that point it would need to instill peace not destruction. "there is nothing to fear but fear itself." They clearly come in peace. Let's not let fear run the show here. Much love.

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