UFO activity over New Zealand 4-Apr-2012

UFO videos – This footage of unidentified flying objects or orbs was recorded in the night sky above New Zealand on Wednesday, 4th April 2012.

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  1. Myself and a few others saw the same thing over Easter weekend , while driving down Brooklyn Hill. Could you confirm the time and location of this sighting, we've been waiting to see if anyone else saw this.

  2. This evening 9pm(Sunday 22nd April) I saw something very unusual towards Mount Eden, Auckland New Zealand, way out in the horizon/sky. It was not a plane or helicopter! It was a red/orange object that did not flash, there were 2 of these lights/ufo's in a staionary position then moved horizontally and vertically and then suddenly vanished….I have never seen anything like this and I

  3. A few weeks ago in Thames NZ I saw three extremely bright blue/white lights hovering over the centre of the inlet in a linear formation, perfectly spread apart. At first I thought it was lights on the rangers on the other side of the water but realised they were really close. I don't have a recording device so couldn't film it unfortunately but i sat on my deck for nearly an hour watching

  4. Would it be strange to say i seen these exact things in the sky over albertville alabama. no one believes me so i dont say too much about them but i have showed a few people and it goes unexplained but it is reoccurring about once evey month or so

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