UFO video: FX Expert Says Sweden Flying Saucer Not a Fake

A Hollywood FX specialist has examined the hotly discussed Sweden flying saucer video with powerful movie editing equipment and says the video recorded in February 2012 near Orsa in Sweden isn’t faked.
The anonymous specialist stops short of verifying the UFO is an genuine unknown flying object, but observes that if it is bogus, “it’s the best fake ever” published to Youtube.com. Whatever the unidentified flying object is, it’s obviously not a hoax.

Original video

Expert analysis

UFO Sighting in Sweden 2012 interview

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  1. Great analysis by the expert on this well done… Can't wait to hear what the debunkers are gonna say about this ufo now maybe its a frisbee lol… For me a think if there was a ufo that landed in a nearby field & someone takes a full HD photo of it posts it on the net it will still be debunked as being not real… open your minds its not hard!

    • I love this footage. But when the EFX expert started dropping the f-bombs, that was unnecessary. Many of us share these videos with our kids and the swearing is just a distraction. <br /><br />Just my 2 cents. Thanks.

    • i believe camcorder caught genuine ufo be hind snow covered trees they were maybe being observed like camera man stated then it sped away at some velocity. sparky (google)

  2. THe expert who analysed seems to personal to get credit for this. Sorry i see some strange blurs in the collar of the girl in from when the ufo passes, and on the tree.<br />Even so, its on hell of CGI job, maybe im wrong, i hope im wrong 🙂

  3. Something looked familiar, when saw this intelligent craft weaving in and out of the trees! Then it dawned on me. I have seen that craft before! YES! It was spotted a dozen times around our planet– weaving in and out of clouds!!One of THE best quality videos!Thanks a million!

  4. Shun me, I&#39;m a non-believer. You can&#39;t also expect me to watch a video of that length and believe something. The guy said i can&#39;t be a &quot;visual effect&quot; but I think he meant &quot;digital&quot; or &quot;CGI&quot;. I can imagine it&#39;s difficult but not impossible to make a prop of that type. It&#39;s also very convenient that the dude&#39;s tape run out right after that when

    • I&#39;m the same guy as above. In the dude&#39;s defense, he does have a lot of other videos out in the mountains and stuff. I did notice that he also has access to a helicopter.

  5. It is another example of how &quot;Them&quot; manifiest themselves in our reality. They choose YOU to film them this way, so it would create discution among believers and not believers. It has been like this since the begining of their presence on Earth.

    • Yes &#39;Brotherhood&#39; has it on the knocker. The saucermen, having control over what we know as time and space, are easily able to tailor the event to whatever form they wish. <br /><br />They make enough of an appearance to create discussion amongst the primitive earthlings, but take care to not leave any hard proof of their existence. <br /><br />Who actually believes that the Earth is

  6. I have a real problem with the two tall trees the UFO first appears behind. To me they just don&#39;t look right.

    • WHAT DOESNT LOOK RIGHT ? like a car with tinted windows i guess that is significant to the twin towers or some other warped idea of yours

    • Yeah I&#39;m with you on this one. It just doesn&#39;t look right. Especially the way it moves and the reflection coming off the ufo. I suspect this is a fake, despite what the &quot;FX expert&quot; has to say.

    • Oh I&#39;m sorry Mr Creepy bollocks. I&#39;ll explain myself just for you. I believe the trees in question have been digitally placed in the image. I have some experience in this. That&#39;s how it appears to me. O.K. sorry if this throws into question your pseudo religious bollocks.<br />As for the rest of your reply I have no bloody idea what your babbling about.

    • I don&#39;t have much use for the opinions of &quot;unnamed experts.&quot; How am I supposed to take their opinions seriously when I can&#39;t even verify their qualifications?

    • Hi there! <br />There is another video from the same place but during this summer. The trees are still there and everything looks like it did during the winter shot. I dont think the trees were put there through CGI. Of course it does not prove anything but the trees are legit i think unless he put them there again in the summer video.<br /><br />Summer video link: <br />http://www.youtube.com/

  7. Finally, some intelligent discussion and some very convincing imagery.<br /><br />I often read the discussions and do not watch the videos.<br /><br />While I believe most of what I see get posted is always questionable. <br />However what I read in comments is always frightening!<br /><br />Hate! <br />So much hate for the unknown, so many people that would kill something first, and ask

    • Well said! Very true… Why would they want to land in gun toting middle America (and other places – in my own country UK included where fear or difference and the unknown are prevalent).. They will choose their places of revelation very carefully. I believe they are telepathic and KNOW when an ideal opportunity arises ie: someone who is receptive and happens to have a camera with them. Nothing

    • Presumably with their highly advanced technology they have nothing to fear from us.<br /><br />They tag some specimens for study..the way we tag wild animals…we don&#39;t &quot;contact&quot; them in order to &quot;make friends.&quot;<br /><br />So it is with these beings…to them we are simply animals…not &quot;intelligent beings.&quot;

  8. i dont think that this guy and his sister asked for this and or that that they faked the video WHERE IS THE MILITARY ? THE AIR FORCE ? WHERE ? THIS STEVE GUY WHO OFFERED HIS opinion of the film footage is a jerk the footage should have been sent to A UNIVERSITY OR ANOTHER ORGANIZATION WHO DEALS WITH THIS &quot;they&quot; have total disregard for our society hiding behind trees and touch and go

  9. Wow, it did appear as if it didn&#39;t wish to be seen. Almost as if it made a quick decision to get out of sight. These two were obviously being observed in my opinion. There is a reason why any flying craft would hover. The main reason is to observe what&#39;s below. Listening to his interview, also gives credit to the belief of what he saw in the sky. Wow!!

    • Hunterfir&#39;s cheesy Predator fan video shows that either he or his friends have some basic CGI skills. Therefore, if the sighting is real then the saucermen chose their man wisely because his believability is automatically suspect for this reason.<br /><br />We can only hope for more video analysis from someone better than the distorted voice person.

  10. Showing prior footage to confirm the family video argument will be good and translating what he was screaming to his sister, too. I alway thoght this was a very interestig video, very difficult for it to be a fake.

  11. the ufo looks a little unnatural when it flys away. none the less, interesting video. hope too meet them one day.

  12. Incredible that some people STILL think its fake??They MUST be in totally denial..How much more proof do you people need?The one from Sweden obviously have been analysed completely,sooooo how can you still hit the fake button,its an enigma to me

  13. i believe it was a ufo hovering behind those high snow coverered trees then it shot off cameraman was bit excited caught enough of craft with cam corder good work.

    • Something tells me he doesn&#39;t worry about gas prices. He has access to a small helicopter, I wonder if it&#39;s his.

    • when i was a kid about 13 i watched NASA land men on the moon i was so proud to have been able to have watched them to great things

  14. thought you did a great job filming this i would have been out of there in 5 minutes im sure its hard to react that quickly to something like GREAT JOB

  15. this takes the cake. there are some very strange things on utube, ufo vids strange sounds from the sky the vids with the ufo hoovering around the florida Fourth of July fireworks are very strange the one turns red and green i dont know people what are we suppose to do

  16. idk the whole cgi background the creator of this video has kind of ruined it for me but still an awsome looking vid-it just dosnt seem rite to me,i may be wrong-matt_bpd

  17. 186,000 miles per second what on a cellular level has made them so far advanced what did they evolve from the galaxy is a vast universe these creatures from outter space are looking at us like were its the time of christ we cant even get to Mars because our President thinks it s waste of money

    • Time&amp;space are very different in REALITY(the real one)So this &quot;thing&quot; about they couldnt reach Earth from the very very far away planets..Are pure BS..The ETs have had the free energy &quot;system&quot;for thousands of years..Can travel in space from system to system in minutes when/if they need it.Time will tell the REAL story soon

  18. me and my teenagers saw a Ufo up close and nobody will ever believe us because of fear. so we dont go around talking about it, but we really saw it,real good ,up close,they were hoovering over our apartment we were out side and they were just watching us for about 5 min. midnight, didnt move at all. then took off. it was pretty bright. 4 of us saw it it.

  19. In my understanding of ufo hoaxes,the person recording the object would try to get enough on film to make it believable.the fack that its a sperofthemoment,film mite confirm that its not a fake!

  20. Could be real, lighting looks too good to be CGI especially compared to the guys predator CGI =) <br /><br />Also, if you wanted to create a fake video i think you would choose some better footage. Like a great view over the mountains or so not one this shaky and everything. But maybe they thought outside the box and planned this scene with the screaming etc. However they should have done it a

  21. Well it IS a fake. Why is he wispering to his sister (he is not shouting as he says later in the expliantionfilm) in this noicey inviroment. The &quot;things&quot; movement is not in line with what the eye is expect. If the &quot;thing&quot; is trying to escape, why is it not just go lower och just going in reverse direction from the camera, if there is intelligent life in it, this is not so

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