UFOs hovering above Tunbridge Wells, UK 10-Apr-2012

UFO news – These bright unknown objects were filmed over Tunbridge Wells in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 10th April 2012.
Witness report: Any thoughts on what these are? They were both visible in the sky around 45 seconds before I began filming; the higher one ‘turned on’ first; appearing abruptly with a bright glow, then shortly afterwards the lower one appeared just as the first had.
Author (lilwil132 @ youtube)

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  1. I saw the exact same type of light in the skies of northern New Mexico in Espanola. The sun was setting so the time was before 8:00p.m. and as I looked into the sky a bright light apeared for a few seconds stayed still then slowly moved north for about 3-5 minutes then drifted behind a cloud and vanished. It was moving way to fast to be a plane and way to bright of white light. From the looks of

  2. I live not far from Tunbridge Wells. If this footage is facing West (ish) then these are planes using Gatwick Airport. I see these from my window all the time. Modern landing lights are ultra bright for sure. The 'star' is also probably Venus as this is still visible and from Tunbridge Wells is in approximately the location in the sky shown by this footage. Venus and Saturn has been

  3. Seriously, people have forgotten what UFO means.<br />It&#39;s reference is exactly what we see here in this video,<br />an Unidentified Flying Object.<br /><br />Yes it is a ufo .. is it a plane, i certainly cant make it out, is it a lantern, again, i cant make it out.<br />They are unidentifiable. <br /><br />Simple explanation … and we will never truly know

  4. From your stated location, the footage and the direction of the runways located at London Gatwick Airport, I would say that this is definitely aircraft taking off from Gatwick Airport and flying directly towards Calverly Park in Royal Tunbridge Wells before banking off.

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