UFO sighting recorded over Texas City 7-Apr-2012

A mystery over the skies of Texas City has a lot of people talking. Unusual red lights were seen and recorded by perplexed residents over the weekend. From flares to UFOs — everyone has their own explanation.

Dozens of folks in Texas City saw an arrangement of strange red dots high in the sky late Saturday night.

Eyewitness Debbie James said, “I just went in and grabbed my camera.”
James is one of several people who got video of the peculiar red lights and posted it online.
“It was like in a Z pattern,” she recalled. “It was like a perfect Z.”
James and other worried eyewitnesses say those strange lights circled the sky for at least 20 minutes, slowly moving about in geometric shapes.
“It was a straight line, then it went to like a figure 8, and then it made this half moon and kept changing shapes.” 

Original video:

TV report about this UFO phenomenon:

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  1. Road flares? How could they stay up so long? Even if they had parachutes, they would not act they way. The media and authorities always try to marginalize this phenomena as a prank even before real answers are found.

    • They&#39;re bloody clever road flares aren&#39;t they ?<br />What will they think of next ?<br />They truly do think we are ALL a bunch of morons, which is probably good in a way.

  2. road flares as an explanation is different instead of the usual chinese lanterns. reporter should back up the claim of road flares by visiting the people who claimed it to be such and put on a demo to prove it. if they wish to verify the road flares claim. ok, really.

  3. Different parts of the Roswell craft were sent to various defense companies, who reverse engineered their properties. This engineering feat eventually led to a number of breakthroughs. Among them were integrated circuitry, night vision equipment, the laser, particle beams, and fibre optics. The contractors were told that the parts were stolen from Russia.

  4. They may not have been UFOs but to say they were flares is bloody ridiculous. NO flares behave like that in an atmosphere NONE !<br />Download &amp; explode the view yourself you will soon see.<br />That explanation is an insult to ANYONE with an average IQ of 100.

  5. Road flares my ass. Flares go up….and come down. They do not change shape, color and move across the sky. I cannot believe that people buy into these lies. Whats up with the homeland security dude….whos the hell is he keeping safe? The elderly? Come on old man…..work an iphone for me. Keep your lame explainations for the geriatrics at your nursing home.

  6. I agree…A good investigative reporter would have obtained the name and location of the &quot;prankster&quot; from the sources that contacted him….Now go and reproduce the prank to prove it. <br /><br />Road flares are not launched into the sky. They are placed on the ground. A 15 mm signal flare has a burn time of about 3-5 seconds and no higher than 40 meters. 12 Guage Signal Flares

  7. Okay folks, it&#39;s time we start going after the idiots attempting to force us to accept their BS lies. Start calling the news station and complaining about the lame excuse he just fed us with a spoon. Ask HIM directly to prove the hoax as he&#39;s the one buying the story. Keep calling, writing letters, emailing, or whatever we have to do to make them tell the us truth. <br /><br />I&#39;m so

  8. The people that feed these silly explanations to us are going to look really silly when the truth comes out. Which it will, eventually!<br />Then, you won&#39;t hear from them, or see them again! Remember, <br />THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!

  9. everybodies ufo, hunters now there not flares series of lights hovering at equidistant parts of the night sky maybe fake might be true ? about 10% are reliable the other 90% questionable i believe a lot can be identified as new aircraft by the military in various countries &amp; there working hand in hand to perfect them i don.t believe anything of great significance will happen on 21st of

  10. Folks, The REAL QUESTION is Are they friendly or not friendly? What we&#39;re seeing/experiencing is for real. Except the facts that visitors do exist. I&#39;m sure that we are fully aware of their existance. The truth will be told before too long.

  11. I seen three of them in front of our house a few weeks back…I don&#39;t have any idea what they were and I have been quite perplexed by them ever since. One thing I can say for sure is that what ever they were, they were definitely not road flares.

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