UFOs or orbs flying over New York – April 2012

UFO videos – Compilation of clips about these fast ufos or orbs flying across the night sky over New York recently.
Witness report: Standing on back deck on phone with mother, had just witnessed 3 planes going over house from West to East, was just commenting to my mother about the planes when I saw a large white light coming from the west slowly moving towards me over the house heading east, it seemed to hover directly over me, then slowly kept heading east, but there was absolutely no sound, just dead silence. I told my mother that it was odd not to see any other lights, green or red as is on a plane, just a solid, brilliant white light. I quickly got off the phone with my mother and I ran into the foyer to call out to my sons, and tried to grab a camera, but I did not have one charged and ready to go, so I ran back outside with my son. It seemed to be in the same position it was when I went inside, and continued to head east. It slowly moved away from us, then started to go into the tree line, where it hovered in tree line for at least 1-1 1/2 minutes, and then it disappeared. It did have an affect on me, I felt that this was no object that I could account for, such as a plane or helicopter. The complete silence was confounding, and I was gripped with an emotion I have never felt. It was somewhere between fear, disbelief, and awe. I also felt very energized. I am sending more video that I was about to report to you from earlier today. NOTE: The attached videos are NOT what I just witnessed this evening. One was from 4:00 a.m., April 7, 2012. This object seemed to respond in its appearance after I flashed it with my LED flashlight, and changed direction. It was originally heading from east to west, but then changed direction and headed south after it “glowed intensely” until it disappeared. I did not change the focus or any other settings, as you can see the stars remain the same before, during and after the orb glowed brightly. The second video I captured today, April 11, 2012, contained two white orbs. Although I began filming what I thought was just one orb heading from North to south, about 30 something seconds into taping with my Bresser Night vision 5 x 50 Scope connected to my DVR, I spotted the second orb. Both orbs/lights seemed to be flying at the same rate of speed, although one appeared slightly higher than the other one. Unfortunately, I cannot send all the videos to you as I am only permitted to upload 3 at a time, as I have MANY more. I wrote to your web director who told me to submit them via this method, but it would take too long. I am hoping there is another method in sending them to you. Thank you, and I am very upset that I did not have the ability to record the one that we saw this evening. The third is just another orb filmed this morning, I have more of these.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. My boyfriend and I have been observing these orbs in the sky . On a clear night with no clouds you are able to see many of these crafts fly. We seem to find them coming from Orion's belt and moving from there. We are in washingtonville ny. We have seen over seven sighting

  2. whats it going to be next Walt Disney back from the dead on chemotherapy /the National Emergency Broadcast System will start to beep on the television Romper Room and Ms Patty i need more proof

  3. O.K. that first one brightened up and then changed direction. I would usually dismiss these as either birds or sats 99% of the time, but on that first one I'm not sure.

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