UFOs caught on ISS camera 11-Apr-2012

UFO videos – Strange UFO activity was recorded on the camera of the International Space Station (ISS), a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit.

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  1. Doesnt get more REAL than this..And to many people it counts a lot that its a Nasa documentary,these Ufos appear in..Cool now even the ones in denial cannot deny anymore.The Universe is FULL of life

  2. Really i wish the government would come out with it now… i mean really there is loads of space junk yes, but lit up space junk lol

  3. Ok…so…that's the proof? If it's not a tampered video (CGI) then what the hell are they? They can't be meteors so…the possibilities start to run out…

  4. i actuly seen somthing very similar to this b4 druing a docking procedure i often check out the nasa channel to see updates on the iss my favorite is the camera images of outside the station when they zoom in on earth i could watch that for hrs – but when they carry out external missions i always watch the footage carfuly to see if they(nasa/gov) missed editing out any et audiance they might have

  5. folks no joke,that same triangle chased me and my son down one night,and stoped about 75 yards it was slient with no sound we stared at it for about 15sec.and then a loud air sound and that whatever you want to call it took off faster than you could ever imagine million years.

  6. Well,well. Here I go.UFOs are real.I have seen one in 1976 august over lake Nipissing,North Bay approximately 8,30 pm.The sun was just above the horizon.That thing ,silver saucer shaped object was motionless 13-15deegres above water for a good minute.And whoooos,gone.

  7. this is it, what the Mayans were talking about a start of a new era! come the end 2012, I believe we're going to see big changes in how the world thinks of extraterrestrial life.

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