3 eyewitness UFO videos filmed in Fresno, California 11-May-2012

Compilation of three daytime UFO videos filmed by three different persons in Fresno, California. All videos were recorded on Friday, 11th May 2012.

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  1. Let me take a wild GUESS,,, some dumd ASS is going to say it's the ISS. Everyone needs to face the fact that space gods are here!!!!! GOVERMENT NEEDS 2 DISCLOSE !!!

  2. Finally. Footage gathered by a professional photographer.<br /><br />Not a balloon – it changes shape and intensity too often for that. At one point it is triangle shaped like a TR3-B.<br /><br />Good work, Fresno!

  3. Oooooh wow a shapeshifting/colourshifting as well,saucer or what?Seen this type a lot lately..Beautiful craft,Doesnt look very Earthly to me??Red on top white in the middle green in the buttom..And the next?? Opposite colours?? REAAL cool footage..Thanks for sharing this

  4. WOW! Anyone can clearly see the magnetic aura around the craft.(It changes to the color vibration[spectrum]of the rainbow) Thanks to all three photogs!

  5. and yes that was the greatest footage because in and on about on a thursday in arizona there was a small object and i didn&#39;t have a camera for it but it was there because a jet flew right besides it to take a closer look see, what a month. thank you guys in fresno.

  6. I believe this to be real footage we saw one over and three more over new mexico at the same time that they appeared in colorado they were the same balls of fire we saw that night and that same day

  7. Great footage the colors and the way it changed shape many times.the amount of craft being caught on tape this year is just amazing i really think we are leading up to a point where no one will be able to deny these craft are real and not from this earth.I truly believe they are making themselves known and getting us use to them more and more so when official contact is made there won&#39;t be as

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