UFOs or orbs over Basel, Switzerland 15-May-2012

UFO news – Mass UFO activity was recorded in the sky above Basel in Switzerland on Tuesday, 15th May 2012.

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  1. At least NOBODY can claim Chinese Lanterns hehheh..May even be a stop to this talk about these CLs..Im living with them A LOT..And out of 1000 thats claims Cls I think 2 of them COULD have been CLs…Probably a lot of remotecontrolled things too..UFO DOES NOT nslly mean ETs..ONCE AND FOR ALL..FULL OF LIFE OUT THERE,and here as well-Thank God

  2. amazing film ten i counted ufos clear night & 1 dark one must be a probe or maybe them wee greys need to pass a flying test like our wannabe pilots .

  3. Not planes, trains or automobiles. Not stars, lanterns or birds. If the tape is not faked then I believe them to be real. Notice how there are always triangle formations in the real sightings? Anybody else notice how much a triangle looks like a pyramid? Not much longer and we will all know the truth. Tick tock!!

  4. so nobody mentions the first object is a partially lit chinese lantern.it swings slightly in a pendulum type motion like lanterns do and you can allso see the paper envelope sillouetted against the sky.its a good lesson for those who have never seen a lantern.look here-this is them ha ha

  5. It worries me that ufo fans cant spot obvious lanterns by shape,colour and behaviour.Perhaps the shortage of good footage compared to 2011 is leaving the uneducated a merry dance.Shame really…

  6. ahh,here we have a fine example of the lesser spotted chinese lantern in its natural habitat as it eagerly floats up to meet its fully lit brethren lol :p

  7. Yes these are lanterns,i want genuine anomolous objects cavorting through the heavens not these silly candles in a bag

  8. WOW!! Awesome capture!! I live in Long Island New York 15 miles from JFK and see many lights all the time..Nothing looks like that..I look for the day to capture such an event..Great Job!! Guys keep looking because of us the world will realize that we are easy picking for those critters out there..one day we will blast them out of here!! Long Island Man..

  9. meaningless to comment except for clarification. I conjecture that a survey is being made for some reason. Perhaps to rescue people or setup a protective screen. They are concerned or they would have left. They are not trying to <br />endanger anyone. You can ignore them at this juncture.<br />If they were ever hostile you wouldn&#39;t be here.

  10. it&#39;s a mass fleet<br />use these &#39;commands/languages&#39;, I&#39;ve used them before…<br />lighter switching at night window, flair; hand wave (with cigarette); accordingly pointing with a cigarette at the bottom, to earth (as command to them to land)… and after 0.5 sec with both hands a bit up, like, &quot;well?&quot;.<br /><br />P.S. I&#39;m not propoganding smoking ;)<br />-tesih

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