Amazing UFO activity over New Zealand 22-May-2012

UFO videos – Interesting video of UFO phenomenon in the sky above Rotorua, a city on the southern shores of the lake of the same name, in the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island of New Zealand. This was recorded on Tuesday, 22nd May 2012.
Witness report: i was asleep while this happened…it looks like 2 of these objects were close to the ground up the’s hard to tell! recorded between 2am to 4am this morning short timelapse was pointing towards the back of the farm..North towards the ocean…I’m in Rotorua… alot of activity

Author (Horsefarmer1000 @ youtube)

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  1. He's got nothing to profit from this!…hes a adds on this video….so he's not out for profit..and yes this is as real as it comes…look at his channel…what's he got to's money out of his pocket….so amazing!

    • Wow – I agree, alot of activity and just maybe the odd one small meteorite descending downwards with a fiery tail but the others are another story altogether – what an amazing catch of ufos you have there…well done!

    • A good point bro/sis..VERY nice video indeed..Yeah AMAZING is THE word..They are soooo welcome here.Been "waiting"since 67/68 for this time..Bhappy hhC

    • 0:38 doesn't destroy the argument. The video is indeed sped up from 0:30 – 0:58. You can tell by watching the stars. I live just south of an airport. This looks exactly like a plane flying at the camera then turning. Nothing unusual here.

  2. Wow thats full on mate, someone is being watched at your place lol.. Little buggers hey.. Great footage.. Good luck 😉

  3. this video must be rated as one of the best ive seen on ufo sightings how good was that he was asleep as well excellent horsefarmer u.ll be staying awake in future lol .

  4. I have an object that has appeared last year and has been doing it every month for3-4 days and leaves and comes back the next month and it sits for a good 3 hours every time it comes.

  5. Thanks, would love to see more footage from you ……. I'm impressed by the 30 – 39second section. I could watch this forever ….. you have at least 1 Aussie admirer.

  6. Very nice video! The one shooting off to the right is so amazing. It feels familiar for some reason but i think its how i imagine it would look when ive heard stories of ufos "zipping off". Very cool!

  7. yesss,the white orbs seem to be making a comeback,nice capture bud.we seen these in our neck of the woods in 2011.exactly the same as this (tyneside uk)these are very real

  8. Very cool footage. ilove it I do hope its real I think it is but just incase. I think this one should be further invesafated.

  9. I'm bothered at how rapidly the stars are moving to the left. It's as if the video was speeded up to enhance the illusion of speed of the objects.

  10. Very nice! Whats up with the time laps tho. Stars in the background are moving across the sky faster than usual. If that scene where the bright object turns and speeds off was captured in real time, I would be more inclined to think it was extra terrestrial! Apart from that, the footage was very impressive!

    • Indeed, cause as this video stands, the sped up section with the &#39;hard turning&#39; craft looks more like a helicopter taking of vertically then slowly cruising across the sky.<br /><br />At normal speed, the &#39;craft&#39; would be travelling rather slow.

  11. Does anyone read anything anymore? It says at the very beginning its a timelapse, so yes these is a much slower rising and then acelaration than how it appears here.<br />This means also the light coming from objects is also brighter as it is exposed longer.<br /><br />This doesn&#39;t discount it from being an interesting video but means for example a LED on a ballon or something would be

  12. it seemed pretty clear to me it was time laps footage – he says he was asleep when this was filmed wich would make me think he set a camera up with time laps so you could recap quicker- im guessing this is a compilation of different nights do to the dif shots with dif time laps settings(observe dif star tracking speeds) – im thinking we have a few different objects in this vid seems to be 4

  13. that´s the same i have seen on fuerteventura!! i cant believe it, but it is really true…. that´s really the same speed everthing is the same. i hope over years, that i see it in the www! 19 years later i have found it. thanks

  14. has anyone even BOTHERED checked the area close to where this is happening for radiation or other strange things like rocks that catch on fire ????????????

  15. Phosphorus is essential for life they are leading us right to the place they need to be stealing our natural resources to sustain their our lives

  16. this is some great footage i think you should try to get more it&#39;s taken us all some time to re-adjust our thinking that we are the only ones here… so now,. we have proof– i also think the government, needs to step in and take some kind of action towards preventing this from going any further i dont think that they are going to blow up our planet, if they are not going to communicate with

  17. My wife and I also observed similar thing last year above our house just before dark and then again over our house at very low level in Hmilton. Waikato Times ran the story, people were trying to say we had seen a chinese latern, or satalite etc etc, it appears the people that hadn&#39;t even seen what we did new more about what we saw than us, funny, once you have seen with your own eyes you no

  18. There is some earthquake activity in New Zealand at the moment, could these lights have something to do with this ?

  19. Is it just me…I seem to notice that there is a disturbance in the air–right behind the orb–as it zooms by. Like an exhaust of some kind–maybe propulsion..? Any thoughts from any of you on this. Other than that, its great footage…would of like to hear some (natural) audio from the film site to accompany the footage….earthly air crafts make noise.

    • The disturbance is the two images being merged and then played together simultaneously…visual proof of FAKE. OH YEAH another give away that its fake, NO SOUND, NO AMBIENCE.

  20. FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!! UFO&#39;S moving like they should be and stars moving far to fast. FAKE NO DOUBT!!! NOTHING COOL ABOUT THIS AT ALL.

  21. if this video is time lapsed, then that means it took the first UFO 13 hours to leave the screen. WAKE UP!!!!! the stars were moving half the speed of the UFO&#39;S. lol check out the video from the show &quot;fact or faked&quot;, they caught a real one on camera.

  22. Very pretty…but very VERY FAKE!!! You can even see the video manipulation evidence!! CLEARLY. It was all edited in. ITS OBVIOUS, 100% Obvious. I suggest the majority of you study film manipulation, and figure out how to tell simply by WATCHING a video if it has been messed with or not. There are some very distinct visual clues. LOOK at the images of the &#39;UFO&#39;s&#39; themselves…see that

  23. I agree with what I have seen in the vide…as I have seen the exact same &#39;comet&#39; like UFO shooting down over the M6 Motorway at 23:00 hrs between Gaydon and Leamington on the 14th June 2012

  24. I wish to thank you for this most joyous,loving video, of the as you say UFO&#39;s, I will say beautiful Light Beings,…and those others cruising out in the night skies…it is truly a fabulous feeling to see them…Allanah Stanhope, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

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