Mass UFO activity over Dulce, New Mexico 28-May-2012

UFO videos – Interesting footage of many unknown bright objects flying across the night sky above Dulce in New Mexico. This was taken on Monday, 28th May 2012.

Find out more about alleged underground base located in Dulce, NM:
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  1. These are clearly satallites – as they are passing by some nice sets of reference stars and knowing where and when the video was taken you are well on your way to identifying them. Use software such as Starry Night by Orion or any good sat and star tracking software – or you can just call them UFOs – but it think you need a new acronym for We Don't Care To Look Up What It Is – WDCTLUWIi –

    • Really???…Hummm… Are you an astronomer?. For somebody with such a determination in giving that kind of opinion, I believe you must be a scientific working for NASA,…are you?

    • No, he is just right 😉 You can see tens of that Fing things on night sky… <br /><br />+Their movement is linear, so those ARE most probably satellites.

  2. I have done a lot of stargazing in my time and there was nothing other than satellites being filmed here. All steady, linear motion. No acceleration, deceleration or change in direction. You do have some lovely clear skies there though!

  3. the way the video is jumping all over the place, it is difficult to see what&#39;s really going on besides some seemingly apparent satellite tracking. <br /><br />and &quot;Brotherhood&quot; I am only amateur astronomer who has been sky watching for over 50 years–though I don&#39;t think it matters to you, right? <br />if I have training, then I am working for government and part of the

    • I agree. I was going to say something about the jumping around of the video as well, but, you&#39;ve said it. And I agree with the rest of what you said as well.

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