UFO activity filmed over Hurst, Texas 9-May-2012

Latest UFO sightings – These fast unknown objects were recorded in the night sky above Hurst in Texas on Wednesday, 9th May 2012.

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  1. A Great catch. Guess it another one of those Hybred Birds with Jetpacks that have been Genetically modifided to catch Preditors over areas of Swamp Gas. LOL..Thanks

  2. Now it is time for that idiot that always posts "Birds, nothing to see here", betcha it gets posted. WE ARE SICK OF THE B.S.!! They are real and most of us know it so please stop insulting our intelligence.

    • I don't doubt that UFO's are real but can you be sure that this video is of them? Have you looked at birds flying through a night vision scope? They look exactly like this video. The behaviour of the objects in the video is nothing unusual for birds. If you are convinced they are UFO's please tell us WHY, was it their behaviour, appearance etc. Use your sharp analytical mind to rule

    • 1. At 15 seconds into the video you can actually see a bird fly by and it is much closer.<br />2. I can feel the differance. Why?<br />3. You would not believe me if I told you.<br /><br />Glad to hear that you do believe they exist though. You wont be as shocked as the rest of the world when it all comes out.

  3. we saw alot of falling stars Wed evening and something that loked like it did a 360 then took off flying right back up into the sky this was near Fort Worth Texas over Highway 35

  4. from our place in Fort Worth Texas we can clearly see Dallas on approach[ at 9:00pm this evening 5/12/12, we noticed multiple white lights flying above the planes this took place over fourty five minutes

  5. ok we have one to report last week driving through Lake Worth we were stopped at a traffic light on the passenger side of the truck i caught something just out of the corner of my eye a dark grey large pancake like disk i would say 100-200 feet around fast, it was so fast, i blinked, and it was gone and again this morning near the train tracks over in Saginaw we both saw this

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