Triangle UFO formation flying over Moscow, Russia 9-May-2012

LUFOS – New footage of triangular-shaped craft flying in the sky above Moscow in Russia. This video was recorded on Wednesday, 9th May 2012.
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  1. Ok, time for the "powers that be" to send out the flunkies and try to tell us they are Chinese Lanterns again. Lets start counting how many comments come in saying this every damn day. SICK SICK SICK OF THE B.S. LIES!! We want the truth now! They want us to be told the truth NOW! Why do you think they are showing up more and more now? They are ready and are just waiting for us to be

  2. Uhhh I have to call this as fake because as soon as the 'ufo' is zoomed up on, it turns 'dark'? What on earth is THAT all about? And if someone was filming a real UFO of that magnitude, would the video be so short?? I dont think so!

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