UFO and crop circle over Italy on the day of the earthquake 20-May-2012

Interesting daytime video of UFOs hovering above Bologna in Italy on Sunday, 20th May 2012, on the same day as 6.0 earthquake hit the Italy.

This crop circle was found on the same day in Bracciano in Bertinoro, Forlì-Cesena, about 50 miles away from Bologna.

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    • It means &quot;Come visit our farm to see the crop circle, and while you&#39;re here, buy some of our fresh jam and eggs!&quot;.<br /><br />Sorry, I gave up on crop circles a long time ago, so many fakes, and having personally been present for making one for fun, theyre so easy to fake that I&#39;m sure it means nothing. I suppose some could be real, but for what propose? Aliens use them to

  1. Hi Everybody,<br />The earthquake hit at 4.04 am on Sunday May 20th so when the ufo sighting was at the same date, it must have been AFTER the quake……<br /><br />kind regards,<br />Rieks

  2. liked the triangle ufo footage over bologna how they seperated good camera work couldnt make out the italian lingo as im from scotland dont speak their language .also liked the crop circle in braccaino it looks like a seashell neatlly created by our alien friends.

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