Retired Defense Major Yuriy Pashanin filmed a UFO in the sky over Penza, Russia – May 2012

He first seen the object at a test site in Kazakhstan, where he served in the defense department in 2000 in Penza, then again in may 2012, when he was able to film it.

“At 20:55 my wife pointed out that the object appeared over the woods. I immediately went for my camera and started shooting. In ten-twenty seconds the object sped rapidly away towards the horizon “- said Yuri Pashanin.

Penzenets claimed that this is not a bag that has been raised into the air by the wind, or a radio model, it was under intelligent control, I know what a UFO looks like he said, i have seen many during my time in the millitary”

The object was large and was three-dimensional, it also had flickering lights, and i am in no doubt it was a craft of some kind.

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  1. interesting.the fact that he is an ex defence minister gives it some credence.the photo to me looks very similar to a chinese lantern which has allmost extinguished its flame and is caught in the wind.<br /> it may be a genuine ufo or something mundane but the quality of the footage dont answer the question.what is it?the witness seems convinced he has seen the real mcoy,perhaps he has!

  2. why don.t they subtitle foreign speaking videos had.nt one iota what he was on about .didnt look like acoventional ufo more like a flying armchair which was dropped of a jumbo jet lol .

  3. This looks a lot like the object that was photographed by Ray Manifold as it rose out of the Bass Strait on the day of the disappearance of pilot Frederick Valentich in 1978.

  4. Normally I would be sceptical but Yuriy was &amp; still is a highly respected official, we should accept this as virtually gospel !<br />He has witnessed what most of us would poop our pants about but as along with others he is forbidden to disclose &amp; in Russia NO means NO.<br />I sincerely hope in time to come he can release to the public what he actually has witnessed, believe me it will

  5. Why the hell did the people that filmed this bit just film this guys TV playing the video? Like holy crap, how unprofessional can you be? &quot;CHECK OUT THIS GREAT UFO EVIDENCE! LET ME LOAD IT UP ON MY TV SO YOU CAN FILM IT THAT WAY!!!!&quot;<br /><br />Its called a capture card, you see, you plug the cable from the camera, into the capture card, and it lets you record the video directly,

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