Did the ‘Fact Or Faked’ team catch a real UFO on video?

Clip of the Event that happened while Syfy’s Fact of Faked team was investigating the area.

From Syfy Fact or Faked Paranormal Files Season 3 Episode 8 (June 5, 2012)

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  1. Facked or Fake goes into the same realm as Hunting for Bigfoot. You are baited into watching, and onnce in a while they have to give the audience something to keep Sponsors happy. High School Kisd could, if given resources,devise better shows. I'm sure everyone in the area knew they were there also. Real? Maybe. I believe, study and have equipment also. I see more Hollywood for the Sheeple

  2. It seems that with most UFOs cases that they investigate, they can't come up with an explanation. This one, however, showed a UFO speeding away from this huge light. For some reason, some UFOs hover around water. This was amazing.

    • yes and the reflexation in the water was proof enough..i live in south florida and have been a die hard sky watcher since 1973,i honestly have seen many unexplained occurance's from nighty star gazing(when not cloudly of course)but thnx to modern tech. i think you will be impressed what (maybe,lol) camrecorder will can catch what things i have seen in sky's for many years,everyone thnx

  3. I'd like to believe, but have a hard time doing that with the media who's objective is to attract viewers in order to get paid sponsors.

  4. anything to promote their show….i do not like this show because they debunk everything,and they think they can recreate things.nothing can be done twice…,it seems since the ufo hunters came out yrs ago,a million other shows tried to copy…..

  5. Somebody is paying these fools. They remind me of a couple of drunken sasquatch hunters I once met. These guys are cleaner and have a better wardrobe.

  6. I agree the show sucks huge but they may have caught real phenomena. What i hate is once they detect an i.r. light source they stay there with their thumbs up their behinds talking to each other instead of going full speed towards the light.

  7. pure kidology lot of mediocre excitment probably a chinese lantern this mob remind me of ghost team called taps debunkers & make a fed case out of zilch why werent they at that part of the island ? couldve been a boat at a marina with external lights let of a lantern or flare didnt convince me one iota sorry team .

  8. This show is a joke and so too, this supposed video of lights at land level…………..<br /><br />Wait for the next show where they reveal how they fooled you all and faked the event. <br />Tell them to go away please, and someone push that girl with the perfect hair and The BestBuy video camera into the swamp, PLEASE!

  9. Fact or fake is a joke !! EVERYTHING is either a recreation, or CG with them, and just because they can recreate something DOES NOT MEAN IT IS FAKE! I could re-create a 10 dollar bill so in their eyes that means all 10 dollar bills are fake, that is not a scientific way of investigating lmao I mean really just because they can come close to recreating something they say it was faked???? and like

    • We where on Fact or Faked 2 weeks ago, they 1/2 way re-created 1 of our videos, Even if they did re create it 100% It wasn&#39;t faked. Louisville Paranormal Investigations it&#39;s on the Fact or faked page…..

  10. FOF is getting mostly slammed here and maybe they deserve it.The show`s format looks to me to be a form of &quot;bate and switch&quot;.I watched a bunch of the shows and on the first part they do a good job recreating videos,photos and events..Then on the second part they stay the night,and more times then not come up with some kind of paranormal activity(mostly ghosts).

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