Huge triangle UFO over Fresno, California 4-Jun-2012

LUFOS – This triangle formation was hovering in the sky above Fresno in California on Monday, 4th June 2012 around 9:30 pm. Recorded with Sony trv-103 camera.

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  1. of course its real. saw the same thing in Arizona with thousands of others including the Governor at that time!!

  2. Yes, it does look the Phoenix lights all over again. Another couple in Calif just posted a video taking place about the same time. Something is happening, and not just the military shooting up flares and balloons all the time as an explanation.

  3. Amazing, the dude has never seen an airplane before? I see that exact same light configuration flying over here every day…

  4. There is a very large possibility that it could be a CRAFT CARRIER or a MOTHERSHIP. This kind of sighting have been recorded in many different parts of the world.

  5. It is most likely military helicopters flying in formation. They all have weak IR lights on, only the rear one has a strobe. This is normal protocol.

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