Strange lights over Texas 15-May-2012

Youtube poster’s comment about this UFO video: 
These lights appeared over a field where a rancher keeps his cattle. The lights appear to slowly move above the tree line then move below the trees. The lights appeared in the middle of the night when allot of the ground was covered in a thick layer of fog. I originally posted this video for Angela a few days after she recorded it. I removed this video when one subscriber said this was farm equipment. After taking a day time picture of the tree line and matching a few frames of video to the day time picture. It looks like these lights were to high in the sky to be farm equipment. I have reposted the video. I don’t claim this video to be anything except strange lights at night, in fog, over a field where a rancher lets his cattle graze. Due to the fog, not all of the video is clear or in focus. The video segments shown here are some of the best footage recorded. Angela was outside while recording this video. When the lights started to move quickly behind the trees and moved in her direction, she ran into her home. When she tried to continue recording video through her kitchen window, the lights were gone. The video and sound has not been altered and is played back as it was recorded. The video was taken around mid-night, on May 15th 2012 in Texas. Farm equipment? Fire fly’s? Swamp gas? Make your own decision. I have made mine.

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  1. Wow that's creepy.. That don't look like farm equipment to me.. Unless farm equipment can fly around lol.. That's one of the best vids I have ever seen πŸ˜‰

  2. If it can be proved that the video is not faked with the skill that is used to make the comparisons, then this is very nice video. But, they do look similar to night lights from farm equipment I have seen.

    • if that's a fake, a hoax, the quality involved, there's a serious amount of money being wasted on it, and posting it on dailymotion instead of youtube, that's flagged with fakes, hoaxes, and airliners.

  3. One of the best ufo videos ever. Keep up the good work. Do not trust these beings. Remember what happened to Native Americans and other indigent peoples when confronted by so called superior technology!

  4. Can the local cattle farmer be asked if there was any farm equipment being used in that area on the night the video was taken?

  5. Stop talking about farm equipment already! It is shown on this video perfectly in what position the light are, in the air -btw, grate analysis! The real questions must be: Is the original video genuine/real or not? What other earthy explanation it may have? What machine can fly silently and has the same lights on it? What were they looking in these fields? Did someone took probes from the

  6. I think, driving at night and shooting the farm lights,you can see fast motion of the camera if you look around focus..

  7. never farm equipment am glad you reposted this video of angelas i wouldve ran inside house also genuine footage feels right too me eerie nocturnal lights some type of alien craft probing the landscape .95% of sightings as we know identifiable 5% not thats one of the 5% great stuff they might return again .

  8. I don't know if the video is real or fake but i can tell you that the video has been edited. There a five cuts in the video. Why the video edited?

  9. Hi! Good video, even if it was faked it still gives me some cool vibes, not cool like cold but you know! =) Anyway, i think its real. Its hard to make cgi like that when you have lights coming from behind a tree. Of course you could make the trees another layer etc. but if you wanted to spend so much time doing it the "master" shot and setting should have been a bit more interesting.

  10. can everyone please stop saying farm equipment u sound like a bunch of jackasses. but it could be a edited video.

  11. It from my years of investigations and sightings since the 1960&#39;s.I would suggest giving this video to MUFON and get a field investigator at to your farm.<br />There is no way from my observing this video footage that it is farm equipment or any conventional,or cgi created video.<br />It reminds me of the Guardian video that was from Cananda a number of years back in terms of quality

  12. Who says they were visiting another planet. They are obviously here whether this video was faked or not. Let&#39;s get to the real questions.

  13. Blah…bah humbug. EVERYTHING is explainable…unfortunately. No amount of wishing or hoping will change the fact that life is boring and humdrum and there&#39;s nothing spectacular that happens in everyday life. I wish it weren&#39;t so…

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