2 new videos of triangle formation above Denver, Colorado – July 2012

These two videos of some kind of triangle formations were recorded above Denver in Colorado in July 2012.

Witness reports:

7th July 2012 – After may hour of fruitless night recording on 7 July 2012 I got lucky about 3:25 am. I was already very tired as I used up all my batteries. These objects are invisible even through binoculars as it’s very dark and there is no contrast. Again I don’t know what these things are… I can only guess..

8th July 2012 – This is a strange one, I have seen this type of a formation before as it seem that there are same type of fromations that Stan Deyo has described in his UFO talk and demonstrated here is a link to his clip it’s very good if you havent see it.. This was recorded 8 July 2012 about 12:23 am here in Denver Colorado. 

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  1. on each clip one triangle moving yhrough the night skies very high altitude ive always thought they were military new prototypes getting tested at various levels throughout our skies could well be some type of alien craft also we,ll never know the truth even although its out there if governments did come clean it would cause mass hysteria to some beliefs i believe there is aliens in our skies

  2. This is proof that our goverment (?) or military is WAY ahead of the curve in developing aircraft that any of us (the public…the people paying the BILLS!) knows.<br />Now come clean…let us see what we bought with our hard earned tax dollars.

  3. Wouldn&#39;t the lights of the OBJECT leave a similar streak as the stars do as it moves across the sky? Technology with the use of a blue screen &amp;/or computers to digitally enhance movies &amp; the sort makes one wonder. These sky photos where there are no other objects like skylines, buildings, trees etc., to compare size, speed &amp; distance.. doesn&#39;t help support the claim and

    • Not if they aren&#39;t using the same type of light on their crafts. Yes this doesn&#39;t prove the existence but it&#39;s interesting footage and if it is real I&#39;m glad to have seen it.

  4. i ave see exactly the same formation of 4 distink object fly closer and move realy fast.. change direction in 90% and fly more faster and disapeer… 10 minute after i ave see 3 plane i the sky do a perimeter 3 diferent line.. <br />The speed of the plane and the 4 object i ave seen is incredebely different the objeck run 10 to 20 time faster of a plane is imposible to compare… i see that July

  5. I saw the same shape in Tarpon Springs Florida either July 16th or 17th. It was fyling way to fast to be any air craft. when it went behind a cloud all u see is an extremely bright flash and it is gone. this took place about 3:30-4:00 a.m. I wouldn&#39;t have believed it if my friend didnt notice it at the same time.

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