The 65th Anniversary of Roswell

The date was July 8, 1947 when the events of Roswell would occur. The town of Roswell, New Mexico would forever be etched in our minds as the place where the military claimed to capture a crashed ufo at a local ranch. Other residents saw this strange sight in the night skies. The following day, however the military retracted their story and claimed it was merely a weather balloon. For 65 years, the world has wondered about the possibility of ufos but there are two men that know it is true.

One of those men is a 35-year CIA veteran, known as Chase Brandon. In the 1990’s Brandon would run across something that would forever prove to him that the events at Roswell did occur and a cover up by the government followed. It was in CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia that Brandon was viewing boxes in a vaulted area known as the “Historical Intelligence Collection” when Brandon found a box labeled “Roswell”. Brandon has not disclosed the complete contents of that box other than some written reports and photographs but did confirm that what was in that box proved without a doubt that Roswell, ufos and aliens are very real.

The second man to confirm that Roswell is real is former nuclear physicist, Stanton T. Friedman. After years of speculation, Friedman began his own investigation into Roswell in the 1970’s to find out what really happened that day on that New Mexico ranch. He was able to track down and interview many former military personal that witnesses what happened on July, 8 1947; a day they would never forget. As he began questioning witnesses, it seem to prompt more people to come forth with their stories of what they witnesses that summer night. Between the evidence that Chase Brandon uncovered and the witnesses of so many, there is no doubt in Friedman’s mind that Roswell did happen.

It has been 65 years of misinformation, lies and cover-ups. Isn’t it time for the truth to come out? It is time for the truth about what happened on July, 8, 1947 on a ranch in New Mexico to finally be disclosed. (c) 2012
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  1. Yet another Roswell story from someone who has absolutely not a shred of evidence to support their extraordinary claims. The number of people who were there and saw the craft/bodies now number more then the population of Montana in summer. Geesh.

  2. oh, why say stuff like that.<br />Who really cares anyway.<br />if it&#39;s true – fine. If not, that&#39;s fine too.<br />You sound like one of the paid government debunkers.

  3. If you don&#39;t believe why the hell are you here and then to take the time to post a comment? Kind of ignorant to think were it don&#39;t you think?

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