Daytime UFO recorded over Stockton, California 26-Jul-2012

UFO sightings – This daytime video of bright unknown object hovering in the sky above Stockton in California was recorded on Thursday, 26th July 2012.
Witness report: I recorded this UFO video a day before my night time UFO sighting.This unknown object was hovering in the sky for a few minutes and then it disappeared. Some of my neighbours saw it too, but nobody identified it.
Author (Michael Fox @ youtube)

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  1. I may not know what it is.(But it looks like a Half-Moon! So clear for a few frames. A year ago, I was looking out my window. When I saw the Moon, I noticed it was in a strange place, towards the West-South-West. Only it was a little smaller than normal. I noticed the time. I moved my head in several directions, to see if it was the window pane distorting it. The next day the same hour, about ten

  2. It could be possible, did look a bit weird. I'm not an alien obsessed freak, i really just found this site and thought it would be fun to explore some of the nutter's theory's and sightings. But that doesn't mean i don't think aliens exist. It would be kind of retarded if we were the only living intelligence out there. This might be fake or a "MOON DOG" as the other

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