Jaime Maussan at the International UFO congress – 2012

Jaime Maussan at the International UFO congress 2012.
All of the videos are avaliable in this player below:
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  1. Jaime Maussan is a rock-star (for the last 20, or.so, years in UFO investigation circles) and anything he says, or does. from here on out ("full disclosure") is well-related to his great hard work. Heartfelt thanks!!

  2. …It&#39;s WAY too favourable toward &#39;god&#39; and other religious connotations…being saved and transcending to higher energy (angelic form), etc….<br /><br />Its is not presented as a realistic and scientific study but only to say we checked these out and they&#39;re not fake….like the god fairytale where is the evidenciary support if tests were performed??<br /><br />its a pity as it

  3. A very interesting presentation.<br /><br />Next time Jaime, please turn off your laptop mail alerts.<br /><br />Also, I am among those who find adding sound to original footage, like music and sound effects, discredits that footage by adding emotionalism that is not there in the first place. Just give it to us unfiltered, please.<br /><br />Has anyone used the iTunes app that identifies music on

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