Triangle UFO seen and filmed over Arlington Park, IL 14-Jul-2012

UFO sightings – This UFO was recorded in the sky above Arlington park in Illinois on 14th July 2012.

Witness report: I keep seeing this object every day this week so far. As soon as darkness falls you can see it hovering around the horizon. This time I was able to capture it with my cell phone as it passed just above my head very low making very little noise (you can hear a slight noise). The fireworks on the ground might have attracted the attention of the craft as is was gliding through the skies. I ve noticed that craft takes route of mostly dark and wooded places but once going over populated places use flashed to make it look like a conventional airplane. I made report earlier this week when the craft passed so close above me that I could even see the details of its lightning.
Author: Alex K.
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  1. I think its a great find. But do feel its an airplane due to the timing of the flashing lights. Very Cool though

  2. definately a triangle new usa military supersonic new design similar to the aurora & stealth bombers dont believe alien type craft just an opinion go into you tube antonio urzis ufo photos been taking since childhood. family friends who accompany him see them too.the triangular type maybe military .

  3. I really really want to hit the 3rd button &quot;NOT ALIEN&quot; but its still not here?<br />Its not fake! Its real! but its &quot;NOT ALIEN&quot; <br />Come on guys does anyone else think we need this 3rd button?

  4. not saying its et but, if it were a conventional aircraft (jet, stealth etc), you would be able to hear it. I personally think its one of ours, a new type of propulsion system.

  5. Hi there! I agree to B I G ADOLF, we want a 3d button! Its real but most likely not alien but rather some secret or even uncommon craft. As for the sound i think i can hear a slight &quot;jet sound&quot; but its really silent kinda like a new high tech muffler or something. Well, keep your eyes open and cameras to the sky!

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